Friday, July 13, 2007

Love . . .

Sorry I have not posted in the past few days, I have been on the down side as far as energy and motivation (and also slightly constipated - that always slows me down).
You will never guess what I ate tonight. A steak. I didn't eat much, but it was a steak. My brother in law challenged me – he said if he would cook it would I eat it? Well, I took his offer and it was a good one. I am tryig to gain weight but cannot just eat like before so it is difficult to match what I have a taste for, can tolerate stomach wise and is actually good for me. Anyway, I am working on the eating more thing.
I got the pump removed today and have only one more week left till this treatment is over. We are still praying as to what to do next.

I can say that the main topic on my mind lately has been the love of God for me and also for other people. I cannot get His love for us out of my mind. It is so massive, deep, high, wide – I could go on and on. He loves people I could never understand or relate to. He loves the unlovable and I believe that is what turns us around. When I realized that God loved me in spite of me and my sin – and that He was willing and able to forgive me – talk about a turn around! His love broke through and changed my life forever – for eternity, I should say.
I want that same love shown to me by God through Christ to be alive and well in me everyday. Is it? No, but that is my goal. To love like God loves.

Have a great weekend, cause you should know by now that God loves you right where you are.


Anonymous said...

Bill said if he knew you wanted steak he'd have already made you one! Let us know when you're up for another one! He makes a mean Ribeye!
Hope to see ya'll at church tomorrow...Praying for a good night's sleep...

Anonymous said...

Hello George
Thanks for the word. That was a good word. Love is what I believe was what the Lord was doing among all of us this weekend in giving to both Shanda and Truett. It was good to have both you and Robin there on Saturday and then lunch on Sunday. I know that you being there meant the world to Shanda and a memory she will cherish for a long time to come. You are an awesome brother in the the Lord and I just love you and your family. Your words to Shanda was so encouraging and she could not stop talking about you yesterday. Love you Gayle

FeatherIron said...

You have to go see this...

We love and miss you George! You and all the Waites clan!

Love Carole