Sunday, July 01, 2007

The pics are in......

Picture line up:
There is my hand with the "Sugar Baby" watermelon, one of the larger Sunflower plants, Robin with the 500 lbs. "wanna-be" pumkin and lastly Aunt Margaret with the beautiful plant she blessed me with - she saw it in the store and decided I needed it at my house! She even planted it in soil and a pot she also bought.That is a blessing!
Thank God I was able to go to Church this week in spite of the way the night went. I was hurting pretty bad from Saturday afternoon until 5 or 6 am Sunday morning. It took a while to get the pain under control, but we finally did and I was so glad because Church was awesome. The rest of the day went well also with minimal problems and we enjoyed spending a lot of family time together. My nephew came up for the weekend, too, while his parents went camping.

How about this crazy on/off rainy weather? Either rain, or don’t, but stop teasing me so I’ll know what to do. The folks at Lake Tahoe are praying for rain to knock out the forest fire – I must confess so have I - I know that is asking a lot from our heavenly Father, but Jesus did say to ask and to keep asking, so let’s ask! Amen. I have so many phone calls to return. So, if you called and I have not called you back, sorry, I’ll get to it soon.
The garden is still putting out a good bit of groceries; we just have to stay on top of it. The corn has finished and the 500 lbs pumkin is still growing. The Sunflowers are really beginning to show their beautiful faces, too

This is going to be a great week ahead. Trust God with whatever you face and you can face it together with Him, not alone.


staceyn said...

hey guys. just wanted you all to know, that i was thinking of you. i often do, yet fail to say so. bless y'all...and all your bounty.

Sonja said...

Thank you for letting us visit with you last night! It was nice just to be there. I know at times it may be hard for you George, so we appreciate you just letting us come anyways. Bryan and Lauren, thank you for watching Jonah while we visited and for loving him...he enjoys you guys very much! Lauren, your voice and music are a blessing. Surely the Lord is RICH in you.
I have to be a little honest with you guys...being there last night had me asking the Lord some really hard questions this morning, concerning your situation....(I'm sure questions you've already asked Him yourselves)I have mixed emotions as well as I am sure many others do too! We love you George. "There is a LIGHT at the end of this tunnel for YOU"....

My prayer:

Psalm 143:11-12
REVIVE George, O Lord, for Your name's sake!!!
For Your righteousness' sake bring George's soul out of trouble.
In Your mercy (great mercy) cut off George's enemies, and DESTROY all those who afflict his soul;
For George IS Your servant!!!

KEEP the FAITH George, for the one who gives you HOPE and STRENGTH is the one living inside you and no man can do this for you! We stand side by side next to you holding your arms up praying, making intercession so as to KNOW the will of the Lord for YOU, don't let the enemy have any realm of that, for God is indeed RICH in you. Ok, so it sounds like I'm giving you a little pep talk doesn't it? I guess in some way I am....Know my heart.

Still in PUSH mode for you!!!!!