Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today was a mixed day of emotions. The news of one of Lauren’s friends being shot really rattled us since Lauren and Bryan had both gone out to see the fireworks with their grandparents. It kind of hits close to home you know. As far as that goes, she is apparently doing better than expected according to what Lauren has heard. Praise God.
We continue to pray for a complete restoration of her body.

As for myself, I had a tough morning both emotionally and physically. I wonder how much of the two are tied together? But it is okay to cry, weep, whatever you want to call it, let it out before the Lord – King David did and so did Jesus. It is recorded in the Psalms that David’s bed would be wet from his tears. I believe it is good for the soul friends, so let it go. Plus the expectation of my parents and my only remaining/living grandmother coming in for a few days to visit was something to look forward to. Later in the afternoon the pain backed off a good bit, but I was still pretty much on the couch for the evening while everyone else played dominos - but that is okay, since I could lie there and enjoy their presence and hear them talking was good enough for me at this time. Just to be around them.
I am at a fragile place right now in many ways and yet also at a place of strength. I try to continually look to the Lord for my strength, because His is an everlasting strength. I do, however, gain a tremendous amount of strength from my wife and kids, friends and other family that love me and pray for me. As I think about all of those whom I love and care about, I cannot help but cry sometimes since the Lord has been so good to me through so many of you. I give Him thanks and praise.

I am in the process of investigating several other treatment options on the horizon, some in the states and at least one is in S. America. Leave no stone unturned is what I say. Would you be in agreement with me in prayer concerning this? Thanks. I want to be in the middle of God’s will on any decision I make, but especially one like this.

Good news from Robin’s cousin Barbara, she is doing well following the surgery she had several weeks ago. More details than I have room for of course, but she is doing better, praise God!

Remember, the Lord is our Shepherd! He leads us, He guides us, He restores us - and it is all for His Names sake, not ours. To God be the Glory.



Anonymous said...

Good Morning George and family

Thanks for sharing with us your emotions. We know how to pray now and yes we will be in agreement with you concerning decisions you and your family will need to make. The other day I was watching Natalie crawl around my bed and thought she has no clue of the danger it would be if she fell off. The trust that a little puts into us to know that we will take care of their every need. They depend on us to feed them, bathe them, change their clothing and so forth. I thought this thought this is how the Lord wants us to be to trust Him in everyday things. I am trusting the Lord for your complete healing and that He will guide and direct your every thought, decisions that need to be made and just the day to day things you go through. Thanks for sharing and we are praying for you and the family. Love you all The Wallace family

Ruth said...

We sure will be in agreement with you in prayer about treatment options and everything else. Love you all!

Ruth Burton

FeatherIron said...

I will agree with you.

Rock on!

Sonja said...

George, you read my mail. Just this morning I pulled off the side of the road on my way to workout. I had my time with the Lord in the emotional realm of things. Like you said, it is Good to do sometimes. Tears, to me are a form of washing. It's a manefestation of what's inside coming out in expression, even if at times it's the "feel sorry for myself mode", oh well, we are human and He did give us those feelings.
Keep strong IN HIM. We will stand in agreement and prayer on the Lord's steadfast and unconditional, plan for your life.


agardana said...

First, how can you just not be in a better mood with that gorgeous picture of Carole Sue!!!!! Second, we love you George. Thank you for being so honest and tranparent and staying true to who you are. There is not enough space to express what I feel everytime I read your blog but just know that it pierces my heart. God is using you and Robin to touch people's lives on this path you are on right now. And He will use you and your life to bring him glory, again and again. Third, remember in Acts when the Holy Spirit prevented the disciples from entering the city to preach the Good News. The Holy Spirit will certainly direct you as you make decisions and will not allow you to take the wrong path. Just listen! Lastly, take strength in the prayers of those who speack your name to the Father ever day. He is ALWAYS listening.

love you, Stacie