Monday, August 20, 2007

Ascites update . . .

Hey everybody, this is George having to re-learn how to type again! Update on the fluid situation. The left side “ascites” (an accumulation of fluid (serous fluid) in the peritoneal cavity, causing abdominal swelling) was scanned and drained although it did take quite some time. It actually can be anywhere in the abdomen, it was just more dominate on the left. A total of approx. 2.7 liters were drawn off. There was more to get, but due to location it was considered more of a risk. More fluid was seen around the left lung, but we knew about that. I can say it is a relief to lie down now. My lower back and center of the spine is still very sensitive, especially while in a vehicle, but if I can get in a fairly comfortable position, I tell the driver to ‘drive on’!.
Then I’ll get to the Dr.s office and get comfortable until they call … and so it goes until I get back home.
I am still fighting the big “H” throughout the day. That is a challenge of another kind. But all things big and small must be handled by faith. I am also battling fatigue, so when you pray, well, I guess when the healing comes there will be no more fatigue!!! Praise God.
Sorry it’s so short, but I need to get horizontal as I used to say. Love you all! Really. Thanks for all of the prayer support and other support to me and mine.


Please continue to pray for DR. Hackler, Robin's cousin Barbara, Mark Johnson, Kayla Smith (gunshot wound victim) and my Dad's friend Ronny M. (boat explosion). Thanks


Russell said...

Great to hear from you. Wow, I am amazed that they took 2.7 liters of fluid from your tummy and 1 liter from your lung... you are not the man you used to be... quite a bit lighter and not so fluid. Regardless, you are loved and so very special. Keep running the good race, my friend.

Sonja said...

George, it is GRRRReat!to hear from you!!!!
I am presently in San Antonio visiting my sis Pamela, she has commented on your blog and kept up with you since day one. She has been praying for you and has commented on the man of God you are. To which I replied "I wish you could know him personally"! We are praying for you, still trustin our Lord for your healing...
One day at a time, One day at a time.
Be strong, be bold, for the Lord thy God is with you!!

FeatherIron said...

We are praying George.

Anonymous said...

Hello George
Good to hear from you. Robin has been great giving us update on you. She is such an awesome women of God. I would say that you are both bless to have each other. And we are bless to you guys in our lives. Have a great day today and enjoy the sweet Presence of the Lord. Love you Gayle

MountainMan said...

How about a simple we love you and miss you from our bunch!

joyce said...

We are praying. We've been praying for Dr. Hackler as well. I heard the other day they announced at his church Sunday, that he was doing a tad bit better. That's good to know.
Hang in there!! We haven't forgotten you...... lots of people haven't.
The Mahans