Thursday, August 16, 2007

dr update

The test went well. The doc said that the colon looked great except for the hemorrhoids. That is good news. Now to deal with some fluid build up on his right lung and some fluid in his abdomen. I think if that were drained it would decrease the pain level. He meets tomorrow with one of the oncologists at Mary Bird. Dr. Patten is out of town.

All of your words of encouragement and scriptures have been so timely. Thanks Bill for your words about the fullness of time. That is the key. Only God knows what that point in time is. We, as those who trust him just have to be convinced that in the fullness of time the promises will come forth. Think of Joseph and his dreams. Man, God showed him something years and years before it was to come to pass. That is because, who Joseph was when he received the dreams was not the Joseph that He could use to fulfill the purpose of saving Israel from starvation. The promise was true and God was true to the fulfillment of that promise. As the events unfolded in history, and Joseph was made ready by the trials he had to endure they coincided with the fulfillment of the dream. WOW God only You know what all that is about. Only you know the times and the seasons and what needs to happen and who needs to be involved in the purpose You have PLANNED for George's healing. May your glory be revealed is all I can say. Just like Jesus told Martha, "Did I not tell you that if you BELIEVED, you would see the glory of GOD." The issue is not can God heal, will God heal, the issue is do we believe in the ressurection and the life and the promises He has given in His word.

Sunday I was up in the balcony worshipping and I was standing down on the walk way by the banister. Hanging over the banister are many banners all with the different names of God. Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rapha, and others. Well as I was worshipping at one point I felt the need just to stand in a still, resolute posture. I was praying and worshipping and realized that I was standing directly behind one of the banners.(You can't read the banners from standing in the balcony they are draped over the banister and you can look up and read them from downstairs.) Anyway, my first thought was, wouldn't it be funny if I was standing behind the Jehovah Rapha banner, I felt the Lord prompt me, "Look over the banister and see where you are." And sure enough I was planted right behind the Jehovah Rapha banner. How sweet is God. That may not mean much to some but to me it is the Lord at His finest. Orchestrating, moving leading, confirming that He is in control and He knows where we are. You GO GOD!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

So thankful for the good news and praying about the pain problem--the answer is on the way! To God be all the glory and praise. Yes, God is telling us "Stand!...keep faithful...and keep the Faith!! Watching with and blessings, BK