Friday, August 24, 2007


As of now George is still in the hospital. Dr. Patten talked about putting in a drain tube that would allow the fluid to drain while at home. That could be done outpatient on Monday or they may keep him in for the weekend and then do the procedure on Monday. Of course, he would like to come home. I am waiting for the phone call to see if he is staying or coming home. His parents are with him now and I am at school waiting on Lauren.

As I have said many times before. We do not grow discouraged but wait on the fullness of time that is in the Lord's plan. If we truly trust the WORD of the Lord are we willing to lay our faith on the line to see if what God said He would perform, He actually will. Stepping out on the water for Peter was certainly not logical, however he was watching Jesus do the very thing that IS impossible. It defies the laws of creation for man to walk on water; however, Peter was allowed that opportunity because he was willing to say Lord , "If it be your will bid me to come." When Jesus said come he did just that; he went. And there Peter was, doing the IMPOSSIBLE. A man walking on water. His eyes were focused on Jesus and he was doing the IMPOSSIBLE. All I know is that by the power of the Spirit the Lord has dropped belief of the IMPOSSIBLE in my heart.

The Bible says that God is not man that he would lie. However, I think many times we believe the lie of the enemy, therefore negating our faith's ability to see the truth that the Lord has promised. We do not experience the fullness of the promise because we have settled for the lie, as if it were the will of GOD. I do not believe that just because something happens it is the WILL of God. If I believe the lie of the enemy and therefore experience the consequences of accepting that lie is that the WILL of God for my life because it happened. No, it is what happened because of choices I have made. Was it God's will for the children of Israel to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years. No, but because of the unbelief of the 10 spies and the people they convinced to believe that lie they did not experience the promise which was God's will. I want the will of God, the truth of God and the plans and purposes of God. The enemy does not run our lives and does not have hold of our eternity, but he is there with his demons trying his best to make us believe a lie and sidetrack us from the truth and the promise.

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Russell said...

AWESOME statement of FAITH, Robin. Your declaration will echo through eternity for the glory of God. We stand with you and George and our Lord... thank you for being his faithful daughter and friend.
Your brother,

Will said...

I just love to hear the TRUTH proclaimed!!! Go ahead, swing that sword! I'm with you all the way.

Ruth said...

Standing with you in faith and prayer!!

Ruth Burton

Tonja said...

WOOHOOOOO!!! Yes, Robin!!! Yes!!
That's it...keep believing the promises!!
I'm with you!!

Anonymous said...

We will stand and believe with you.
Tara Cambre