Friday, August 03, 2007

Where in the world is.....

George and his parents left this morning headed to Zion, Illinois to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It was a rough start just because he had to wake up and make sure he had every thing, change his pain patches, and get going. As I sent him off it was very difficult for me. I have been with George all along the way and now he was going off without me. I know I am supposed to be here but it was hard to see him drive out of the driveway.

I talked to him several times throughout the day. Every time I spoke with him, he sounded so strong and like he was having the best time with his mom and dad. They made it to Marion, Illinois and will be driving the rest of the way tomorrow. I feel so good about this trip I am so encouraged. George said to me tonight, I am surprised I have felt so good today. I said you're just walking out your healing. God is good.

Thanks for your prayers, more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share a little revelation that I received today. I have been helping someone to get a situation straight in their life and they have had numerous stumbling blocks along the way. Today was not different and they called me and said "that is it I give up and I think all of this happening to me is because God just doesn't want it to be". I told them that the Lord said knock and the door shall be open. But what He didn't say is how long you had to knock before He would open it. So keep on pushing forward. If you need anything just call.

God Bless,

Paul S.

agardana said...

Glad to here the trip is going well. Keep us posted throughout the next week. Love you.


Russell said...

George and Robin,
We are with you!
Love in Christ Jesus,
Russell & Margie

Anonymous said...

I have been out of the office the last few days. When I heard George was going with his parents and you were staying behind I thought the same thoughts you did. You have been by his side all the way and now he is going without his better half. I know that the Lord has His plans for you and your family. Stay strong and encourage my friend. We are praying and believing with you all. Love you the Wallace family.

Anonymous said...

Robyn, you are here but in some ways you could be no more "with" George than if you were there... that may sound a little hollow and of very little comfort, but I know your Source of comfort and trust and He knows you! I agree with your comment about "walking out your healing" to George and I am so thankful both continue to be so faithful "through" this healing process. May this current journey prove to be God's "more" in His plan and provision for the manifestation of Divine healing and health! Our prayers continue to be PUSHing and praising along with our love. Betty