Monday, September 17, 2007

onward Christian soldiers....

We are starting everyday with the unfortunate awareness of George missing in our house and lives. But as the day goes by the Lord brings more and more comfort and we keep pressing on. I wanted to put Lauren's song lyrics on the blog for all to read.

Daddy's Song

When I look at you, I still see a strong man.
When I look at you, I still see a fighter
When I say I love you, I couldn't mean it more.
When you say you love me, I couldn't ask for more.

So no matter what comes our way, we will stand strong
No matter what befalls us, we'll fall into His arms.

When He looks at you, He sees His beloved.
When He looks at you, He sees a strong man.
When He says He loves you, He couldn't mean it more.
When you say you love Him, He couldn't ask for more.

I will be putting this blog into book form. I want to preserve the victorious journey and allow what has happened to George to go forth and produce even more fruit. Maybe it can bring encouragement to someone going through a difficult time. Be praying for me that I receive the mind of Christ in regard to what to do with George's writings.

I love you all and will continue this blog. So check back every once in a while to see how the Lord is ministering.



joyce said...

We LOVED Lauren's song the other night. BEAUTIFUL lyrics. I was amazed at her offering to her Daddy.
George's Homegoing Celebration..well what can be said..the entire night was FABULOUS! Don and I have only seen one other event for a persons life celebrated such as this night was. This night was just as awesome.

What a great testimony was given to us all. I'm still reeling from it in my head and my heart.

We are praying for you all and thinking of your family. You won't be forgotten by people.

YES! Do print the blog into a book....and DO continue the story. People ARE intesrested in your lives.
There are still more chapters to write.

God din't put a "period" in your've had many chapters and paragraphs and now there was this "comma" that has changed your lives.
Yet, there is much more to write.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Joyce on the book. You know that I will be praying and I would love a copy. I believe that through this many lives will come to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior and will give hope to the hopeless. You know I will still check everyday concerning the blog as I said the legacy lives on through you, Lauren and Bryan. It may be good to allow them to write as well. We would love to hear from them as well. Love you Gayle

Sonja said...

Yes Lord!
Robin, I am sooo blessed to know a woman like you!
Your obediance to keep the blog going will be rewarded. George's spirit remains in all our hearts and to be still a part of now YOUR journey, gives us all a reason to keep hoping and standing strong in the midst of our own lives.
Ofcourse, you know by now I can't help but comment so hope you don't get tired of seeing me on the blog.
The lyrics are so beautiful and Lauren and Bryan will keep George alive as they live their lives the way he would be proud.
I am here for you, no words, just here. Know that in the times I am not with you, I am praying for you.
Wil already said he would be there for "whatever" would be good for him as he is missing George tremendously.
I love you sister.

Jeremiah 31:21
"Set up road signs;
put up guideposts.
Take note of the highway,
the road that you take!"

Wow! There is so much more to come.


Russell said...

I stand. I am here as you need me. I honor and respect you, dear sister, so don't be reluctant to ask as you have need. Whatever the future holds we will see it unfold together and be amazed with our heavenly Father's wisdom and timing. Answers may, or may not, come for a while.. so be it. Our faith is strong by His grace and loving-kindness. Love in Christ Jesus,

Kayla said...

Thank you so much for posting the lyrics to Lauren's song. I was amazed at her poise and courage as she sang for her Daddy Friday night. We on the worship team agreed that if Lauren could do it, we certainly could. She's very gifted and anointed as I know you already know! :^)

Thank you so much for allowing me and Max to be a part of the service. It was an honor and a cherished memory that we will never forget. What an incredible service it was. God was glorified and George was honored...

Last night I went back to the beginning of this blog and was reading it again from the start. It is just amazing how George made us feel such a part of his journey. I was touched, inspired and challenged all over again. I just told Keith last night that this blog needs to be preserved somehow. It is a treasure... so I'm thrilled to hear that you will be putting it into book form. I have a couple of friends in the literary world who I can ask if you need any help.

Robin, you and your precious family are at the forefront of all of our prayers and you will continue to be. We are here in any way you need us. Thank you for continuing this blog. It is something that is reaching untold amounts of people. God is being glorified through it, through you, George and your children. We are seeing God in you, just as we saw God in George. Thank you Robin. We love you guys so much...

Kayla and family

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!! I'm so glad you're continuing this, and that you're printing it in book form (Dave might be a good resource for you in this arena).

I stand amazed!
love you so much!

Anonymous said...


Something I forgot to share with you yesterday,...on the way to the Zoo Bryan sure did have alot to say and share. Ha. It sure did remind me of riding with a friend we all know and love.

John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, "I AM the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die".

"This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it".

Through it all, I KNOW my brother George passed from life, to life and we are so blessed to have known him.

Always here for you and your family.

Bill, Cathy, Billy, Callie and Catelyn

FeatherIron said...

That song is just amazing!!

We are thinking and praying for you all!

Lisa said...


What a privlege to get to be a part of George's Life Celebration! The whole service from start to finish was a testament to what Character all of you have. For Lauren to be able to sing the amazing song she wrote for her dad and for you to relay the scriptures that were layed on your heart for everyone to hear, what unbelievable strength! We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we mourned, and one thing is for certain seeds were planted in the hearts of many people!

I believe in my heart George was looking down saying Praise God, Hallelujah, He Reigns!! Because the spirit was moving in that place and it was magnificent!

We continue to lift you all up in prayer! Call if you need! We are right around the corner.


The Thaxton Family
(Ralph, Lisa, Jory, Jobi & Jaeln)

staceyn said...

Lauren's song was so deeply felt. She's already carrying on a legacy. (Wondering, do you have George's songs recorded, or documented somewhere?) Thrilled to know of the compilation you'll be putting together. Awesome idea. I look forward to it.
Our family loves yours'. Anything you need, please let us know.
You are a blessing.

Pat Earles said...

Robin, Lauren & Brian,

I stood in awe of how God was so adored in the service Friday night where George was so honored. Lauren blew me away with her song. Her composure, character and love for George is so strong. As I listed to her song, I realized that she is the type of girl every God fearing Dad wants his son to marry. Yes I do believe in arranged marriages, and George and I had a deal arranged that no one knows about :-). Petitions like mine will be one of the many that Mom, Pastor and Coach Hand will have to review in time.

Robin - George so loved you, respected you and held you as his second best friend. Lorri and I are challenged by the romance and respect you have for each other. I admire your WJBO radio courage too! Speakisms all over the airwaves, but you're so good at it.

Brian - next to my own boys, you are one of my most favorite baseball players that I have been privileged to coach. Your Dad's (& Mom's) imprint is seen in you. You know that no referee was ever out of reach from your Dad's corrective comments whenever the ref made a bad call at the ball field or at the HCA gym.

You and your sister were born to win. We are proud to know you guys and count you as friends.

The Earles Family
Coach Pat

amy said...

Robin, Lauren and Bryan,

I can't get you guys off of my mind. I am praying for you and want to be here in any way that I can.

Lauren your song was absolutely amazing and still makes me cry when I read the lyrics. I love you very much.

Bryan, Pastor Terry said he wants to get together with you soon. Anything you guys need, we are here.

God's resurrection power was so evident in the services for George. And like Pastor Don preached, more and more light will come as time presses on.

There is a lot I don't understand, but I can stand in this...that He is a Sovereign God and He is Faithful and True.

love you lots,
The Nelson's

Anonymous said...


The service Friday was beautiful. I have shared with many customers and friends of the impact that George made in his 43 years. Your Faith and his beautiful spirit and character were so evident. The song by Lauren was such a touching and deep view of the love she had for her dad.
George's life will continue to touch people as those who knew him share how he lived life well and pointed everyone he knew to Jesus.
Please know that Sue and I are here for whatever we can help you with.
Doug & Sue Broussard
985-674-1189 Home
504-430-4221 Cell