Wednesday, October 03, 2007

words from George...

This is a note that I found that George had written on 4/27/04:

When the insignificant turns to obscurity
the life that once was is no longer even a memory
tasks left undone are undone
dreams unfulfilled are gone.

Just a drop of water, in an endless sea
searching for meaning, a desire to be
something other than insignificant
in the pages of history.

A part of the bigger picture, they say
A small piece of the larger whole
consolation this sometimes brings
no matter, that's just how things work.

It has been decided beforehand
things set into motion are to continue.
Is there anything new under the Sun?

When I read these words I was moved to consider what George was obviously considering when he wrote this back before he was even diagnosed.

Lord, I want my life to count for eternity. I want to build on the foundation with gold and precious stones, not wood, hay, stubble, and straw. This life is a gift, a short time to journey make memories, love people and make Jesus known. The constant struggle to have and make is the enemy of the peace of living and keeping eternity in perspective.

I love you all. We have another busy but fun weekend planned. Lauren and I are going to the LSU vs. Florida game Sat. with some friends.


Anonymous said...

"A part of the bigger picture, they say
A small piece of the larger whole
consolation this sometimes brings
no matter, that's just how things work."

WOW!Confirmation of Praise and Worship this past Sunday... "There's something bigger going on.... Someone bigger than me.."

Thank you for posting. It is amazing that this was back from 2004.

Have a great time at the game and I will pray against my jealousy.. haha

Andrea H.

Russell said...

His words, and yours, merit reading by all of us. You all are a blessing to many. We love you deeply and stand at your side.

Sonja said...

The writing is awesome and just let's us all know that George had his eyes on the big picture when the Lord would call him home one day. A lesson we all need to learn. Even though we still walk out what the Lord requires of us daily...the bigger picture IS that one day we will be in eternity with Him, if we believe.
Our purposes here on earth are indeed temporary for a BIGGER destiny...
Wow! I love what he wrote.

Thank you for continuing to share and allowing us to be a part.


FeatherIron said...

I have really been missing George latley. I guess having my uteris taken out was just something I knew George could appreciate.

I think about him a lot. We pray for you Lauren and Bryan as a family every night.

agardana said...

You and Lauren better be making a sign so we can see you on TV. Between the 2 of you, you should be able to come up with something so clever they can't help but show it on camera! I hope you have a great time. Stacie