Friday, April 18, 2008

emotions pt.2...

We can find comfort in the fact that God is an emotional being. He made us in His image and emotions are part of who He is. The bible says that God has felt love, anger, regret, joy. At one point He even regretted the fact that He created man. WOW that must have been an intense emotion. Since we want to make sure as Christians we are not led by our emotions, we sometimes let the pendulum swing to the other extreme and attempt to feel no emotions. God does desire us to feel things if not we would be beings void of emotion. Our emotions compel us into relationships, both platonic and romantic. Our emotions let us connect on a different level with people in our lives. The whole point of this involvement is to affect eternity. Christ was compelled by love. As He looked over Israel and saw them as sheep without a shepherd He was greatly moved. It was that emotion that compelled Him to lay down His life and endure death on a cross. Obedience is awesome, but I think humans have a hard time obeying for the sake of obeying. Once we feel that we are unconditionally loved by God, and that He truly has our best interest at heart, then obeying is a result of that LOVING relationship. Ask the Lord to make real to you the depth, width, height, and length of His incomparable LOVE. Don't be afraid to FEEL, just don't be consumed by your feelings. As I said the other day, let your emotions be submitted to the Lordship of Christ. There is such great victory in Christ and in every area of our lives He desires to be involved. Involve HIM. See what happens!!!!!! Love to you all, RW


Sonja said...

Loving the relationship you are in with Christ! He has given you some solid revelation that many, (including myself), need to hear or be reminded of. So true, every word written!!!


Anonymous said...

Well said! There is a tremendous need in the church for a healthy balance between emotions and faith/obedience understanding and application. Thanks for a balanced teaching on it.
Your brother and friend in Christ,

The Maggio Family said...

Robin, I stumbled across your blog at my friend, Carole Turners, blog. How exciting! What great joy it gives me to read of your ongoing relationship with Christ--the honesty with which your write. I love it.

Jennifer Maggio

Sonja said...

Be encouraged. I have been checking your blog often...don't ever forget that the Lord is using you in a powerful way just by being vulnerable and open as you walk this journey you are on! One word could change the whole course of a persons decision on faith,love,trust etc...when inspired by the Holy Spirit it defenately breaks the yoke!

Your friend.

Sonja H.