Friday, July 04, 2008

enjoying summer

We have really been enjoying our summer. Last week we went to orientation at LSU and Lauren officially has her schedule and is ready to go. She will be looking for a job and settling to her new life as an LSU Tiger. I am just a little excited since I am an alumni. While we were on campus I was telling Lauren how surreal it was knowing that I had walked those halls and sat in many of those classrooms some twenty years before her. I am so thrilled that she is pressing in to what God has for her.

Bryan will be back at Hosanna and starting the 8th grade. I can't believe that he will be finishing up junior high this school year. He is as tall as I am and growing everyday.

God is of course on the move. We as the body of Christ are in store for much of God's presence but we must press in to Him. He wants to be looked for, searched out, and known. Wednesday night at church was absolutely incredible. We had a guest speaker, a pastor from India. It was such an anointed service and God moved on many hearts. There is NOTHING that satisfies like the awesome presence of God. I mean the presence where you can basically feel Him in the room. The Lord has continued to deal with me about obedience and dying to self. I thinks we never arrive in either of these areas it is a constant learning and growing.

Be blessed my friends and know that I love you all. RW

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The Maggio Family said...

looks like my kids will be back at hosanna next year also. planning on sherwood middle, but over-populated, so on a waiting list, so....felt like alternative was to go back. most of dyl's classmates left, but maybe that'll be good for him. he & bryan should be on the same basketball team, huh?