Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, I had the wonderful colonoscopy. The worst part of it is drinking the lovely drink that so graciously cleans the colon. Thanks to modern medicine and drugs I don't even remember the procedure. So honestly, there is no reason to put off having a colonoscopy if it is time for you to have one. The thought of it is worse than the actual procedure.

Well in 2000 I was diagnosed with ulcertative colitis (inflammation in the colon). It was supposed to have involved 50cm of colon (19.68 inches) then in 2003 a test said it involved 30 cm (11.81 inches). These numbers are significant because over 50 cm can increase you colon cancer risk by 50%. 30 cm or less then you have no more risk than the rest of the population. So since this is a new doc for me, he wanted to see for himself. Also, I have not taken medicine for this condition in over 2 years. He said that only 7 inches of colon was involved 17 cm. So it seems as though the condition is lessening. This is great because once you have UC it does not go away or get better according to the docs. Anyway, I am on some meds to lessen the inflammation. I will see the doc for a follow up visit on Dec 15th.

So if necessary have that colonoscopy and quit putting it off. It is not all that bad, I promise.

Continuing the editing and enjoying the LSU football season. I bought season tickets and have enjoyed being back in Death Valley watching the TIGERS.

later rw

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Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! His word is TRUE!!