Friday, February 20, 2009

good times....

Tonight Lauren and I went to a concert with my parents and Max Johnson and some of his friends. This was Tommy Emmanuel, oh my goodness this was one of the most entertaining concerts I have ever attended. He is by far one of the best guitar players alive. All night Lauren and I just looked at each other and shook our heads, so awesome.

The Lord has been teaching me about trust again. I think it is a lesson we continue to learn and grow in deeper knowledge of. I have come to realize that we are only able to trust when we fully know who or what we are trusting in. The more I learn about the nature of God and who He is I am learning that it is easier to trust Him. He knows ALL and has ALL under control. If that is truly the case then what in the world are we worried or concerned about. Let go of trying to figure it all out. We don't have to have everything all spelled out for us. We just need to rely on the fact that God is in all we do. He is aware of our situation and has purposed to work something in us as a result of the things we are going through. With that being said we must purpose to trust Him and Him alone, not our bank accounts, not our jobs, not our friends and family, but Him alone. He is trust worthy. More later


Anonymous said...

Hey it's me Gayle. That is what the Lord wanted me to hear you had the word TRUST. I am at that point in a place right now where trust is a big issue in my life. The word that you wrote was exactly what i needed to hear. Thanks for waiting on the timing of the Lord. Love ya Gayle

Sonja said...

Oh yes, how we must trust him! Good word Robin! funny, must be what He is saying to many of us.