Sunday, March 29, 2009

all is well....

All is well with me and mine. We have all been quite busy. Lauren has 3 tests this week then Spring Break so she is excited and working hard this coming week for some much deserved rest. Bryan is doing track and has been busy with a project for the Social Studies Fair at school. That is behind him and he is also preparing for Easter Break. Unfortunately, Bryan and Lauren's weeks do not coordinate so we won't have the opportunity to take a trip.

I have been helping Scott out again and the Print and Copy Center because he had an employee quit and that left him in a bind. So things have been busy. And to make things busier I started taking a ballet class on Tues. nights. It is right down the road from where I work so it is not out of the way. I have been enjoying that so much. I love the discipline of dance especially ballet and oh it is a great work out. more later RW

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Sonja said...

I have always wanted to learn dance, maybe the Lord would have you lead a class in the future for us church woman??? Just a thought to plant!!!!


You are a blessing to me!!!!