Tuesday, March 10, 2009


On Saturday I returned from a 5 night Mexican cruise. Lana and I left from New Orleans aboard the Carnival Fantasy and had the times of our lives. It was absolutely relaxing and beautiful. The food was incredible and the boat was incredible.

On Sunday night I was able to share at church on the thought: "Shut up and die". In learning the truth about how God views death we will then be able to more easily die to self in order to live in the love of God. Self and the love of God can not coexist, it is impossible. But in pulling back the ugly mask of death and realizing how God views the death of His saints helps us to embrace without fear the concept of death. I will putting more of these thoughts down because I feel as though the Lord would have me write this out.

I am helping out my friend Scott again at work he had an employee quit on him and he is short a person at work. I had quit but now I am there helping him out. Bryan has been home sick the last two days from school but I think he is better now. We are going out tonight as a family and see a movie and hang out. LATER.....RW

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Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more about the word the Lord gave to you. I was not feeling well Sunday. I guess a virus of some kind. Looking forward to hearing more. Love ya Gayle