Friday, April 24, 2009


I am so sorry to all of you who faithfully check this blog just to keep up with me and the kids. Between work, starting dance class, church, keeping up with the kids and trying to keep up with the house work(haha). I have not made time to write. The Lord is so very faithful, He has been walking me through some difficult places of trying to make some decisions. Employment, school for Bryan, publisher for the book---I am trying to stay open to hear from the Lord. God has been so faithful to show me things along this journey. I am considering it a journey of discovery as God has shifted my thinking on death, has shown me depths of love I have yet explore and has held me when I thought I would fall apart. Our Father comforts in so many ways. He uses you, He uses Himself in quiet moments of reflection to assure me that all is well with my soul.

Thanks for your continued prayers

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Sonja said...

deep calls to deep Robin! When we go to the depths of the Love of our precious "daddy" He is always faithful! I love you sister and in this time will ask the Lord as to HOW He would want me praying for You!