Monday, June 08, 2009

getting in order....

Bryan has officially been enrolled at Central High. He began weightlifting today so that he will be conditioned for sports. I believe this will be a good move for Bryan. Kinda shake him out of his comfort zone. I really think he enjoyed today.

My cousin and her son are coming in tomorrow from New York to visit some colleges, can't wait to see them it has been a couple of years.

I am totally going through my house and organizing. What an undertaking but it is so necessary. I am trying to take it in small bites but oh how things get worse before they get better. The beginning of summer has been good hope to get a few trips in before school starts. We'll see.



Sonja said...

Wow! Big changes but apperently all good ones! Hang in there! If you need a friend during summer i will come over...we could visit, swim, drink ice tea! Or whatever! Let me know!


The Maggio Family said...

wow--had no idea he was changing schools. dylon & ashton are going to a new school next year-- the dunham school-- and we are super excited. we think it'll be a good move for all. an old hosanna teacher is teaching there.