Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bryan update.....

I have been dealing with Bryan being sick since Saturday. Saturday he started with fever, Sunday the fever reached 104.8, called ambulance they came and said to treat fever and see doctor on Monday. Saw dr. who said flu test was negative and that this was probably some sort of virus and has to run its course. Tuesday he woke up with 104. fever and stomach pain so we came to OLOL ER. They checked him out and said probably viral gastritis sent us home. No fever Tues. night but Bryan was not able to sleep at all because of being so uncomfortable. Stomach pain got really bad Wed. morning so I took him to the ER again. Basically, I said, "We are not leaving this time until I have some answers. At least tell me what it is NOT." They gave him morphine for the severe abdominal pain. After CT scan, and xrays they ruled out appendisitis and intestinal blockage. He was in a lot pain. They decided to admit him to hospital to control pain. Dr. decided to get pediatric gastro dr on board. Gastro dr. decided to do scope on Bryan.

The scope found stress related gastritis with several ulcers around the sphincter at the bottom of his stomach. The fever they believe, was related to a virus that caused the high temp.

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