Saturday, January 28, 2006

If you stopped by, leave me a quick note ....

Now you know if you came by my house we would talk a while - maybe eat a bite or two - so leave me a quick note on how you are doing. Just click on comments and follow the directions. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hey George
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you and are so thankful that God has used your situation to bless you and Robin and our whole church. You have helped spark revival at Hosanna for this year, and I know God has you in His hands.
Bless you
Bryan and Kim

Anonymous said...

Hello! We at the Howell family are in deep prayer for you! Jonah is saying his prayers too as he understands only that uncle George has a "big bobo" but the Lord will have His way!!!
Robin you are an incredible woman and George is fortunate to have your faith, as I believe because of it your family will be sooooo blessed and launched into deeper places with the Lord.
George....BE STILL, KNOW THAT HE IS LORD!!!! We love you guys! Wil, Sonja and baby "energizer" Jonah!!!! Help!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey George & Robin!
We wanted you to know you and your family are in our prayers. We love you both dearly. I think you should know that you are such an encouragement to us. The Lord is going to use you both for His glorification. Again we love you and we are praying and believing WITH you for a miracle and blessings.
Taylor & Codie

Karen Harvey said...

Hey George! I love you and am praying for you. I look forward to hearing from you on this site. Thank you for thinking of others at a time like this. Blessings to your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi George and Robin and family,
It's been raining here in BR town. We've needed it. :>)
I'm sure you're settled in for the night. You may be away physically from us but not in our hearts. You are very near. We will miss you greatly in service this week and in the weeks to come. Can't wait until you return and give your testimony to the miracle working power of God!! What a time we're going to have. :>)We'll be shouting the victory together!!!!!!
We love you all and will keep you in our prayers everyday. Please keep in touch.
Good Night from all your family at Hosanna.
Love and Prayers,
Pastor Don and Eileen xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

George and Robin,
You are in our hearts and prayers. Also wanted you to know that we've asked lots of others to pray for you too!
Judith and Danny

Anonymous said...

What a great way to keep everyone posted! We will certainly check your site daily. We wish we could be right there with you, Robin, and your family, but are comforted to know that you have a more faithful friend holding your hand! (Ps. 37:24). God brought this particular verse to my attention when you were in the Lake over a month ago, and I've been praying accordingly ever since -- the whole Psalm, actually. I know Robin has also been standing on the promise of verse 4. I've even underlined the action verbs throughout and have been praying specifically that you and Robin will have the strength and courage to remain spiritually active throughout this high adventure (a little Scout jargon) of life! Here are a few: don't fret, trust, dwell, cultivate (As much as you love to garden, you should know all about that one, figuratively and physically! -- What wonderful, precious, godly "seedlings" are my neice and nephew!), delight, commit, rest, wait, inherit, abide, & keep. Those witnessing your life, George, can certainly see how God has established your steps. You are one of the "majestic" ones in whom He delights. (Ps. 16:3). We love you dearly!
Randy, Sonya, and children
P.S. Did you know God's second "profession" mentioned in the Bible was that of a gardener (Gen. 2:8) -- first being Creator (Gen. 1:1)? His third "profession" was that of a surgeon (Gen. 2:21). "In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I (Jesus) have overcome the world." (all time favorite verse! John 16:33b)

Dan Ohlerking said...

george and robin - we're in there praying, too. i'm so glad you're blogging through this. God has so many ways to take something like what you're facing and making it into something that will help others. seems to me that blogging will only make that blessing be magnified.

btw - ps 91 is my all-time favorite scripture passage - and it is right on time for you guys right now.

Your brother in Christ said...

Praise be to our Glorious Lord - the Healer (Yehovah Rapha) of our diseases, and the Redeemer (Yeshua) of our souls.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
It's sunny and very nice here in B.R. We had a GREAT service yesterday! Praise and Worship was powerful. Don called all the children up and they were anointed with oil and the parents prayed for them. God did something extra special. We then prayed for our children's leaders. There were tears and smiles as the Elders and the Leadership prayed for them. Don preached on the "The Glory Due His Name" Ps. 96:8. It was right on! God continues to do a New Thing in our midst. As you know Russell and Margie will be coming up for the surgery. They will be representing all of us who will be praying here at home. The men going on the Ski Trip will be fasting on Wednesday along with others here. Each vehicle will take turns praying for you thorughout the day on their way to Tennessee. You and your family will be covered in prayer. We LOVE you all and will be checking this site for information. Thanks for keeping it updated for us.John 14:16,26-27. "The sun shines the brighter for having been under the cloud" and so will you. :>) xoxo Eileen

Stacie said...

How awesome as your friend to see how many people's lives you have touched and how many are invested in standing with you in this time. I am so proud of Hosanna and the church family sacrificing for their brother. I hope you know that there may only be a few with you in body on Wednesday, hundreds will be with you in spirit. I love you guys so much and wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This morning I found a picture of you and Robin and the Lord impressed on my heart to put it by His face! My sister gave me an awesome picture of Jesus' face, framed it for me for christmas...It's in my kitchen for me to see every day and now when I look at it I see you two! His face will forever remind me that He gets the Glory for what He is doing in you and in the lives of your loved ones...thank you for being a good friend to Wil and for being a great brother in the Lord to me!!!! Be encouraged! He is Lord!!! We love you guys! Sonja Howell

Paul and Hazel said...

xyuwpHi George and Robin, it has been a joy and privelege to lift you up to our heavenly Father and watch him move. I woke up early and knew it was to pray for you. I can see in my "eye" the Lord waking and shaking and keeping His army in the ranks while you go thru this battle. God bless you and yours Hazel(nut!! remember George) and Paul Jenkins)

Anonymous said...

Robin and George- You are constantly on our hearts and in our prayers. Your family shows such strength and it can only come from our Savior. It blesses me to have the opportunity to see the confidence your children have in their faith of their God's provision for their family. They are unwaivering!!
I was so thrilled Robin to hear from your mom yesterday to say "We will be at the game tonight, no surgery tommorrow and I felt like I knew but I asked what was going on and she told me we don't know what is going on but the Dr. ordered another scan. I told your Mom Prayer is being answered- that's what's going on!! We will remain faithful in our prayers. Just wanted to say Go Blazers to you two- those girls are on the move. Starkey is big Friday night. They are excited!! We love you all and you have been such a blessing to others throughout this time. God is truly using you in ways you do not even realize.
Love kaylene and the hand family

Anonymous said...

Hi George and Robin

Like the blog. We will keep up with your progress and your healing. Keep the faith and our prayers are with you guys.

May God keep you and Robin safe and comfortable. If you need anything done, let me know.

God Bless You