Saturday, January 28, 2006

In Houston ... through the rain ...

We made it to Houston Saturday evening but had to go through some serious rain along the way! Bob and Gladys made it in a few hours before us and set up their RV. This place is called "Lakeview RV Resort" and it is really nice with a 4 acre lake and a walking/jogging track around the lake and you can even fish "catch and release " style. It apparently is a new place.
Mike and Patsy are on the way tomorrow. The weather is getting cooler and high humidity.

We look forward with expectancy to see what God has in store tomorrow.
I'll log an update Sunday. Love ya'll !!! George.

" I Am the Resurrection and the Life" .... Jesus Christ

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Anonymous said...

sup BIG CHESSE seein what u been doing. I'm praying for u man everyday and I know that it will be ok cause the man up stairs is gonig to take care of U. alrighty talk to u lata
Carey a.k.a BIG CHESSE