Sunday, February 26, 2006

Backlog blogging ...

Here are few days to catch everyone up.

Thursday, Feb. 24th, 2006
For those with a weak stomach, you might want to skip a few lines … the only thing partially holding me back from being released from the Hospital is a good, normal bowel movement and also the last IV to be taken out is the Central line in the right jugular vein. In anticipation of me having a normal movement tomorrow the Dr. ordered my Central line to be removed tonight. I asked if we could wait 1 more day and they said yes. The nurse came in and ‘hep-locked’ the lines which means they are still in my neck, just not connected to the IV pole. Now I can move about freely. Here’s the funny part. I felt a little abdominal movement and headed for the restroom hoping this would be the ‘one’ – dragging the IV pole all the way! It was only after I was dragging the pole back out of the bathroom did realize that the IV line was no longer connected.

Robin’s brother and his wife brought our kids to see us this weekend. You talk about a blessing! Of course they look as if they had grown several inches. It was medicine to my soul. They couldn’t stay long since it was so late.

Friday, Feb. 25th, 2006
I did not want to have to receive a blood transfusion following the surgery – but I became severely anemic and had to anyway. Two units of blood infused over 6 hours. I learned something new as a result - you also have to take Benadryl when receiving blood to avoid any possible allergic reactions - even if you are the same type. You talk about a sleepy puppy! It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. As a result of dozing off all throughout the day, I was up all night. That’s the part Robin loved the most since she was in the same room with me. I could tell the transfusion did help me feel a lot better.
Saturday, Feb.26th, 2006
I got an early start on Saturday with a shower, shave and walking around the station a lot. The infusion helped me feel and function much better. One of my surgical Dr.’s came by for a follow-up and also ordered a bilateral leg scan for any potential blood clots in the legs since there is so much swelling in the thighs. The Central line in my right neck was removed today and it did not even hurt! The only problem today was that the leg scan took longer than anticipated so I missed lunch and my lunchtime pain meds – not a good idea. Here came the headache and nausea (two not so friendly things) along with the surgical pain. It took a few hours, but things are back to usual now. All I really need now is a genuine movement.
Spent some more time with the kids today. Robin walked them around the “Hospital’ (which is really an understatement considering the size of these buildings). They are all connected by enclosed above ground transport modules/tubes. There are numerous large sculptures which serve as landmarks to orient people


Russell Mairno said...

Well, quite an update from the man of the hour (month)! Thanks for sharing all those intimate details, Georgie. I am so happy for you all that your hospital stay will end today... thanks be to God. Now, I believe that I have figured out why you have your internal condition. In your prayer requests you undoubtedly stood on the scripture that includes.. "I will not be moved", so, it is time to repent and release your inner most parts that are holding on to that scripture. So, repeat after me... "Lord, by your grace, I SHALL be moved! I declare to my inner most parts, be loosed in Jesus Name for my continued healing, amen" Well, that's my half kidding and half serious suggestion to you, my stopped up friend. I love you, man.

done said...

Friends gives good advices:)
Hello:) I'm glad that you are able to give an update:) Take care, and I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers:) Elisa:)

FeatherIron said...

Ok,it's so "moving" to hear George talk about "movements", I mean, it would not be a conversation with George without it. And better yet, your friends totally "go" with the theme and give you a clear word from the lord concerning how to get it "moving" again.