Sunday, February 26, 2006

A little humor ...

You might be a Redneck if ...

If after a lengthy hospital stay you bring home your IV pole and use it as a plant hanger,
You might be a Red Neck.

If bring home all of the silverware you used during your hospital stay because you think you ‘paid for it’, you might be a Red Neck.

Just had a little flash of redneck humor the other day in the Hospital. We are now back at the RV awaiting the movement as you all know. Russell, thanks for such discernment and insight as to how I may tap into the flow.
The sun did not come out to any degree during my entire stay at MD Anderson except for 2 times. One was during a prayer involving some friends we met in Texas, the hospital Chaplain and Robin and I - towards the end of the prayer the sun came out for a few minutes and lit up the room. The second was today - by the time we were told we were going to be discharged until sundown it was shining bright and clear. Some call it a coincidence but I just believe God knows how to brighten up His kids world.
While awaiting the discharge orders, I wanted to see if there might be some Sunday morning preaching on TV. Just by 'coincidence' Charles Stanley was on and after listening to about 15 min. he basically quoted every scripture we had been standing on and encapsulated our present situation - this was so weird we called and bought the CD!
We are very thankful this phase of the battle is over. We have about 2 more weeks in Houston or until the Dr. releases us. Prayer is the theme we must manitain since there will always be some challenge or battle somewhere.
Talk to you all tomorrow. GW/RW


sonja said...

good to hear you are out of the hospital and remaining "a man of great sence of humor"....that, God and your awesome wife are what will continue to strengthen you to the "fullness" of your healing! Rejoicing with you brother and continue to press "deep" as He will "instuct your ways"...

AH said...

Great news you are out of the hospital!!! Thanks for sharing about the sunshine... God is awesome in the big and even little signs. We are continuing to pray for your complete healing and 'movement' (Russell & George - y'all are just gross) to take complete action!!! Now that you don't have a nurses station to lap, I expect to hear about the laps around the RV and RV park.

We love and miss you!!
The Herrins