Saturday, February 11, 2006

Beautiful day ...

Beautiful day, a bit chilly however. We had a day of organizing papers, bills, letters of encouragement and prayer and of course junk mail. Carefully shot a few hoops with Bryan. Our nephew 'Coo' (that's his nickname) had a birthday party tonight. It was fun. They all grow up so fast. Family prayer and off to bed.

The 'Glorious' CD that Lauren A. gave to my Lauren has been such a blessing! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in entering into the Presence of the Lord. You can get it from Christ for the Nations on the net or a local Christian bookstore.

Courtney from Alabama sent Robin and I two beautiful gifts -thankyou! I have mine on now.
Jerry and Barbara from up the east coast ( S. Carolina) sent me a CD about healing - listened to it twice already today. We still miss ya'll.
Hazel, listened to the tape you gave to me at least twice so far. God had us at the right place at the right time!

1)Please pray for Bruce and Micki. Bruce was diagnosed with cancer in several organs and asks for prayer. He and his wife have served God for 25 years. They need a touch from God. They live in Minn.
2)Pray for Jill H. - a coworker of mine. She will be having surgery this Tuesday to remove a pancreas tumor similar to what I was diagnosed with.
3)Pray for Michael H. also a coworker diagnosed with cancer.
4)And for Austin Barber - the 12 year old we meet at our RV park in Houston. He needs a heart/lung transplant.
5) For me, my surgery is scheduled this Wednesday morning.

We all need a touch from God.

" And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind ...." Acts 2:2. May God's Spirit breath on you even as you read this word. See ya'll. GW/RW

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done said...

Hello:) I saw your post on one of my favorite bloggers, and I thought I would check out yours, and I like your faith. I'll have prayers for you and your family while you are going through this surgery. The day you go in the hospital, is the day my daughter gets out, and I should explain why. My daughter is bipolar, and a cutter who wants to die, so we are happy that she's getting the help she needs. I'm not blogging anymore, but if you read my blog, please say a prayer for us. Take care:) Elisa:)