Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday night special ...

Got to wake up in my own house today and cook my kids breakfast, visit with brother-in-law over lunch (Chinese food at the King Buffet) and visit my friends at CVT. They did a raffle for us and today was the day to pull three tickets. It worked out that I was present and they wanted me to do the honors. We shook the box between each pull and can you believe who won the big gas grill? The first house we lived in when i moved to Baton Rouge in 1989 had the best neighbors - Frank and Laurie - it was them! They had bought some tickets - I didn't even know they knew about the raffle. What a small world. (Again, thankyou CVT freinds for helping raise some money - it will come in very handy once the bills start rolling in). Then it was off to a basketball game or make that two games. Then there was a senior send off for some of the kids at school. That made for a full day/evening.
Here is a few lines from a song I wrote about 5 years ago.

Live every day, like it may be your last
You can mold your future, but you can't change your past
Your yesterdays, they are all gone
But tomorrow, is yet to come

I have really been trying to soak up as much life as i can for these 3 days before going back for the surgery. The people, sights and sounds. Friends and family make life so much richer. I could not have asked for anything better. God is so good. I pray that all who read this will be moved to reconsider their lives. May God open our eyes to see things as He does.
God be with you -GW/RW.


David A Collins said...

Thanks for visiting my blogsite, George, and wonderful to read your blog. As you said, there are parallels between your situation and mine - the most important of which is our common faith in the Lord and in His healing power.

I'll be standing with you in prayer and faith as you face surgery. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Yours in His all-sufficient grace,

David Collins

Frank and Lauri said...

Hey, from Frank and Lauri-
As I told George, we're looking forward to them coming over some time after his surgery and throwing something on that awesome grill- whatever he wants, I'll cook it!
I also wanted to ask for prayer for some friends of ours who lived at the JPUSA community in Chicago with us. Bruce and Micki (his wife) gave their lives for over 25 years to share the gospel and minister to people in the inner city. They have been such an example of God's love lived out before us for the 20 years we have known them. This past year, he discovered that he had cancer. It is a slow growing cancer, but he must have had it for years. They have had to remove his spleen, his left kidney and adrenal glands, part of his stomach, part of his pancreas and he still has some spots on his liver. Please pray for healing, strength and provisions. While most of us have been spending the last 25 years paying down our mortgages,etc they have been investing all in the Kingdom. They moved from Chicago to Minnesota a few years ago with nothing. He has had to be out of work since September due to surgery and recovery. They have their eyes fixed on Christ, but I know they would appreciate prayers.

Anonymous said...

What is this tugging at my heart?
'Tis like a homing dove
How can I long for a place unseen
And feel His endless love?
Homesick and worn. I strive each day.
A broken soul to love.
But my broken heart aches to join
My Savior up above.
How long must I fight the battles
On tearstained fields for Thee?
"Until your task is finished here."
He firmly says to me.
"I've covered your scars with my blood. I've washed your hands and feet. I've taken the sins of your soul To the mercy seat."
What love I feel in His voice.
His hands outstretched to me.
I'll serve until that moment,
His loving face I see.

Praying the Lord's strength in you daily as you press on toward the prize! Rest in His unfailing, unconditional love for you.
A child of the King!