Thursday, February 09, 2006

Coming home for a few days...

We will be leaving Houston in a few hours. Looking forward to getting back to my own bed for a few days before we head for the surgery date. Just like little Dorothy said, " there's no place like home ". Hopefully we will get to see as many of our friends as possible before we have to return. Liberty Christian Fellowship in Cleveland Texas has treated us like family. Thanks to Pat and Bob (Andrea's parents) for introducing us to all the great people of that church.
We are still in a mode of believing God for great things. Robin told me, ' this thing is not over yet' (referring the cancer) and I told her it will never be over. The Christian is in a constant battle at some level - we are in a War. But as the Word says, ' the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty unto God for the pulling down of strongholds'. We will be fighting the enemy on the one hand and loving people on the other. If GOD be for us, who can be against us?
Can't wait to get home. See yo all soon. GW/RW


Anonymous said...

Continue wearing your armor!

Anonymous said...

George and Robin,
We continue to stand in prayer for you. You have a good number of prayers going up from south of the border. We will call soon.
In Christ,
Stephen Muscarella and family

Anonymous said...

hang in there! Some of the greatest battles that seemed to be heading for "defeat" end in great victories!!!! He is our commander in chief, He will tell you when to move forward, when to fight with His "weapons", when to rest!!! It may not be over but He will give you continued "peace" in the midst. It is in Him that we move and have our being!!!! Angels to watch over you on your way home...may you be refreshed as you visit with loved ones!!! Standing in the "gap" for you!!! A child of the King!