Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crisis ...

Sonja H. sent this to me -
The Trumpet by Bill Burns

January 30, 2006:"Speak into your crisis. Bring your crisis before Me, says the Lord, and then speak into your crisis, for the Word has power to change circumstances. I say, it will bring My favor. My Word spoken shall indeed remove the mountain that is before you. Rise up in this time and speak to your mountain and it shall be removed. Prophesy and proclaim My Word over your situation, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that has risen up against you is condemned".

What makes this so interesting is that just the night before my dad and I were coming back from the store. He was waiting for me in his truck listening to the radio. When I got into the truck I turned it up only to here the word 'crisis'. The speaker proceeded to say that the Chinese word for crisis contains both the idea of 'danger and opportunity'. Come to find out this was a Christian station. He continued to talk about taking otherwise 'dangerous' circumstances and looking for the 'God' opportunity hidden within. Of course, that was probably just another coincidence (Ha Ha).

As for as our present status - there will be another CT scan this Monday and the Dr.'s appointment is the next day (Tues). We are expecting God to move. Love ya'll - GW/RW.

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Anonymous said...

Hello George,
Our prayers have been with you and all your family every day and several times a day since you have been diagnosed. I will send more latter.
Clinton & Nancy
P.S. Our prayers have really been with you constantly.