Thursday, February 02, 2006

How to leave a comment...

Click on comment at the end of the message you have read.

This will immediately bring you to a comment page where you will be able to write a response.

After you finish, you can select anonymous, blogger or you can put in your name ( first name is all that is necessary ).

Then you may have to type in some distorted letters - this is to prevent spam.

Then click on preview if you would like to read it before you post it or 'publish you comments' to enter the comment for us to read.

[Also, if you are interested in previous blog posts, just look to the left of the screen and select (click on) the one you want. It may have been archived if you do not see it on the screen. Click on 'Archives' and this will open to all the older blogs].

You can do it. GW.


Anonymous said...

Hi George and Robin,
we are lifting you and the whole family up to the heavenly father and praising Him for your amazing testimony. Hang in there.

Paul and Hazel Jenkins (the"older" couple in the second row)

Anonymous said...

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The state's largest city Minneapolis was junior to a blanket of bloodless 17 inches (43 cm) mysterious, the worst snowfall to clout the urban district in more than 19 years and the fifth-biggest on record.
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