Saturday, February 18, 2006

Super Saturday...

Well today has been good. George is still lapping the nurses station. First step in victory...they removed his nasal gastric tube. Now he can swallow without much pain. Here are a couple of prayer points.

Pray that he stays infection free
Pray that there will be no internal leaking
Pray for a good report from the pathology
Pray for God to use us and be glorified

One more thing. I met a lady from New Iberia. Her husband is here because of brain cancer. His name is Jack Hunter. Could you remember him in prayer. I would love to see God minister hope to him and his wife Sandy.

I promise today you will hear from George. I will come back down later and type it in.



Todd said...

Hey George,
It's Todd Bolen (grass cutter) Wil told me the story. I thanked the Lord for your healing.
Praise the Lord! I've had my spleen removed and part of my pancreas removed--piece of cake for the Holy Spirit! (Amen)
Miss you brother!
Pray always and keep the FAITH!

Sonja said...

It is super Saturday indeed...the Holy Spirit is up to something!
Behold new things! Do not remember the "former" things, new things will "spring forth" do you not perceive them!!!
Pray brother, pray sister, for the Lord your God is using you in mysterious ways you know not yet!!! But "in the fullest of time" you will know and come to understand how He is truly using your vessells!
I am so REJOICING!!!!
Love you all!
Sonja Howell

lynn toler said...

Hey George,

Continue to run those laps. You'll be winning the 100 meter pretty soon.
So thankful.....
Yes, Robin we will pray for the Hunters. May Gods healing hand also touch their lives.

See you running around the church soon......

Love ya,

Lynn, Greg, Kelsie and Katelyn

Mountain Man said...

Ya'll all please pray for PawPaw Bob, too. He paid a little overnight visit to the Methodist Hospital there in Houston with a bad cold (maybe the flu) and heart arrythmia. They're coming home tonight so he can rest and recuperate in his own bed.

AH said...

George is always doing things for attention.... I mean really... doing laps in the hospital? That's almost as bad a jumping up and down in church!!
We're standing with you all for many good reports so that Jesus will be glorified.
Be cool