Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What a difference a day makes...

I'm sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday. It was a hard day for George. He was in a significant amount of pain. Late night before last he began going to the bathroom (hallelujah) however he was having horrible abdominal cramps. The pain medication didn't seem to be doing the trick. Well, by 5:00pm he was in almost out of control pain. Finally, the pain team was able to give him enough stuff to make him comfortable so he could sleep. And sleep he did. He had a great night and is continuing to have a good morning. We covet your prayers because we know that they are a difference maker.

Prayer points:
His hemoglobin is low so they are considering giving him some blood--George would rather not have to have blood so please pray the numbers come up

Continue to pray against infection and that as his GI tract begins working that the cramping would be to a minimum.

To God be all the glory. Even in the midst of things we don't understand and pain we may watch a loved one suffer we MUST conclude that God is still on the throne.



Michelle & Daryl said...

Robin & George,
We are checking the website daily for updates. We will continue lifting you both up in prayer. We also have you on the prayer list at our church. We love you!

The Bunch's
Daryl, Michelle, Madison & Hannah

Mountain Man said...

Hey "Credi"...

Been feeling some sympathy cramps over here. Didn't sleep well last night knowing you were in pain. Got some praying in..."Thank you Jesus, that George is not suffering like yesterday!!"

We all miss you both very much. Sure wish you were here so we could help more, but I know you're getting some of the best care in the world there. Especially from RW.

Good to hear you're up and walking more again today. Keep it up. We want you out of that place and back with us quickly!

Probably see you Saturday. By then, I bet you'll be itching to get outta there.

"Ready Credi?"

Love you both,
Randy & Sonya & kids
(& dog & birds & hamster & mice & turtle & fish)

AH said...

Hey Robin & George,
One day at a time! I am so glad you were able to get some pain relief and needed sleep. God is definately in control!! Robin I know it's difficult to watch someone you love in pain.. I will be praying for your strength in that area. Prayers are continuing from the Herrin household for an infection-free body and that everything inside is happily working. :)
We love you...
Andrea, Paul & Rachel

Anonymous said...

Dear George and Robin,
The prayers of the righteous avail much so PLEASE pray for my fiance' Bradley D. He was poisoned tonight by chlorine gas at the YMCA in BR and I'm so far away in NC. He is to go into ICU and may be intubated to help him breathe. Thank you, Rene RA RCS,RVS

Anonymous said...

Robin and George,
You are both in my prayers! I am glad to hear that George is doing so well. Keep up the walking! And I will keep up the praying!
Amy Hebert

Anonymous said...

I stood in awe at the presence and anointing of the Lord in church tonight...but a part of me believes it is because of the "unity of prayers going up for ones who are suffering in pain" Intercession "in it's most powerful form,has reached it's "Time".
On the way home, this song bursted my heart with "love for my daddy", I want to share the words with you two! It's by 3rd day:

Magnificant, Holy Father
I stand in awe of all I see
of all the things you have created, but still you choose to think of me.
Who am I that you should suffer, your very life to set me free.
The only thing that I can give you is the Life you gave to me.
This is my offering, Dear Lord, this is my offering to you God
I will give you my Life for it's all I have to give, because you gave your life for me.
I stand before you at this alter, so many have given you more.
I may not have much I can offer
Yet what I have is truly yours!
This is my offering.....

I offer my prayers O'Lord to the ones who need your touch. Help them Lord get strong because we miss them so much!
Earnestly praying for your recovery and return.