Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another great service ...

Church was awesome today! Worship was uplifting and inspiring. Pastor Don preached on the Holy Spirit. It's funny how I'll be thinking about something Saturday night while lying in the bed and then Pastor Don covers the same thing Sunday morning in all or in part. How does that happen? It's neat to get confirmation. God is always at work if we keep our heart, eyes and ears open to him.
LSU won (men's team) against the Aggies - sorry Pastor Bob White (Liberty Christian Fellowship) over in Cleveland, Texas. He is a huge Aggies Alum. Robin and I attended services there prior to my surgery in Feb. That is where Bob and Pat Griffin go to church - they were a super support to us while in Houston.
A friend of mine from work and his wife (Eric and Pattie) came by today after church. Robin has been friends with them since before we were married. Eric got me an interview at CVT which eventually led to me getting a job there 7 years ago. The best job I have ever had.
Please be in prayer for my dad - he is having eye surgery on his other eye this Wednesday.
Also, please pray for Jill H. , Michael H. , Christi W. - these all are battling cancer/recovery like myself. And remember the 12 year old named Austin , he is waiting for a heart/lung transplant in Houton.
While out and about, keep planting the good seed. The farmer plants 100 acres of corn knowing that not every seed will germinate. Some will be eaten by birds, some may sprout and be killed by a disease and some will fall pray to insects. But the vast majority will grow and produce one to two ears of corn for each seed planted. He continues to plant because he knows the eternal law of sowing and reaping.
While we are out and about our daily lives, continue to plant the good seeds of faith, hope, love, patience, forgiveness, kindness etc. - knowing that you will reap a harvest and not only you but others also. Remember, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man/woman sows, that shall they also reap. Lord, help us to keep sowing the good seed for you Glory.


Anonymous said...

When you "draw near" to the Father's heart, we become sensitive to His voice! What happened to on Saturday was a "devine revelation" for Sunday's message!
Possibly the Lord letting you know "hey, I am here George, I am here!"
Keep listening, could also be a "hidden gift He is now able to stir up in you"!
He knew your thoughts Sat. night and wanted to bless you through the deliverer (Pastor Don) to let you know "you are in His presence".
Wow! He know's our thoughts even when we don't specifically verbalize them!
That is my theory anyways!
Great message by the way on sowing and reaping...a skillful writer you are!
Be Blessed as you continue to "walk along side of "Jesus, the One and Only"!
Praying for you!

Anonymous said...