Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm still here ...

Cover your tomato plants - it's supposed to get cold tonight!
Sorry for the lack of blogging - the past two days i have been feeling pretty 'yucky'. I am making myself do it right now because i could always be feeling alot worse than i am now, so suck it up and type big daddy! I don't know if it's the medication the food or an interaction of both. My insides are sore and unpredictable - or should i say predictably unpredictable. My back and ribs are sore also - but the back feels more like the skin is really tender, not like the usual lower back strain, just another unusual symptom. I found that if i get in the shower (since the Dr. said not to soak in the tub yet due to the incision) and turn the water to 'just about can't stand it's so hot' and let it run on my back, i get relief for a while during and afterwards. You know, when we designed the house, i was determined to have my own hot water heater for my bathroom and have it really close. I can take a long hot shower with a 40 gallon monster.
Food and liquids still taste funny. I ate some green peas today that tasted great and then ate some green beans right next to the peas that were funny tasting. I cannot figure out the chemistry behind this one. Let me recommend something to you all - if it tastes good and goes down good - thank God over and over for it - cause it is sure frustrating when your food/taste buds get messed up. Remember while in middle and high school in the lunch room and some kid would try to mess with your food? It's kind of like that.
I also find that i get the chills real easy since the surgery. Robin says it's due to the 45 lbs. weight loss - no insulation. So i keep a light jacket with me most of the time.
Enough of my belly aching.
Another fish - or should i say turtle story. There i was - feeding the fish today (part of my keep me from going crazy therapy) I was down to one little piece of bread. So i was just sitting there in my red fold out chair - not moving, looking into the water when suddenly there appeared a dinosaur of a turtle. This ain't no red or green ear fish tank turtle. This appears to be a snapping turtle. I have seen him several times before but not this close. Now follow me - he stayed underwater until he was about 5 feet from me, stopped, stuck his nose up for a breath, then came his eyes and part of the huge head. The whole time he was staring at me - like he was checking me out. The preditor has become the prey - or so i felt. So i did'nt move a muscle. For about 15 secs. he watched me. I blinked my eyes ( because i had to) and he immediately disappeared into the deep quicker than i thought a turtle could move. I would love to capture, measure and identify and then release him. I would even probably give him (or her) a name. If a male - I would call him Shellton and if a female I would call her Shelly. (I hope ya'll get that one cause it's the best i got right now).
Seriously, God is on His throne and in control.
Some good news has reached my ears concerning one of the people i have asked ya'll to pray for - it appears that there is hope where before there was none. I'll let ya'll know more about it when i get a solid story.
We serve and unchanging God who desires to see change in us all the time. Figure that one out.
Talk to ya'll later. GW

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FeatherIron said...

A snapping turtle to go with your fing-schwaee drive way, I love it and I love "hearing" George when I read your story.