Saturday, March 04, 2006

God's House 'half full' ...

This blog is from back in February. This post struck a chord with so many people around the world - and I do mean around the world, you know how the internet is - that I decided to re-post it. So here it is.....
Back in Houston and it is cold – around 25 degrees. It was so good to see everyone at home and work and also church this morning. Pastor Don Williams preached a spirit led message this morning concerning how God’s grace is sufficient for us in any and every given situation. One brother after the service said, “he hit me between the eyes (spiritually speaking) “. It has happened many, many times to me that the message preached confirms things either that I am going through or something the Lord showed me in the Word or in prayer. Worship was awesome, as usual. We have an incredibly talented worship team at Hosanna.
Robin and I sat on the left side of the sanctuary this morning instead of front and center where we have been sitting for about 15 years, it appeared there was a visiting family sitting in our usual place . It was neat to see the congregation from a different perspective. I could see the peoples faces – many of whom I have known over the past 15 years. This is my church family. I thought about all of the things many of us have gone through individually and as a congregation. Our lives have been woven together like a beautiful tapestry over the years. Many of our children have grown up together and blossomed into young ladies and young men. Time has slipped by so fast, evidenced by a few new wrinkles and a few more gray hairs – and through it all is the evidence of the Faithfulness and the Love of our Lord and our Savior. I noticed something else as I looked around the congregation - there were way too many available seats. God’s house – this house – was not full. I shared that with Russell who was standing near me. I want it to be full, standing room only. Every empty seat means a life not changed and every occupied seat means a life available for Godly change. I have never boasted about the size of any church and do not desire to have numbers for numbers sake, but oh! those empty seats began to eat on me! God fill them! Fill them for Your Glory! Call me a fanatic, but Jesus died for people – people like you and me. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to move on me, you and the people that are around us that need Jesus so badly. What can I do to ensure another generation will be changed by Jesus in the next 15 years? Do what God leads us to do. God is preparing us.
I'm getting choked up reading my own stuff! Guys don't cry, do they? I'm thinking of people right now that I would like to invite to church. Some of them even used to go to Hosanna as a child. God help us all to bring them in so that they might see you.
Today was fairly busy for me - basketball, pine car derby racing with a nephew in boy scouts and getting the dog groomed. Fed the horse across the way some fresh clover twice and watered all of my trees which I will soon have to get into the ground. Dig this, my pear and peach trees are both in full bloom! Come on Spring!
God Bless. GW


Sonja said...

Last time I read that message I too got choked up! and yes men do cry!! How awesome that is. Ofcourse most know me to be a "blubbering one" for the Lord! I appreciate you posting it again though. Today we had a woman's day retreat on "Purity" and I looked around and ask myself and the Lord "where is everyone?" I was really hoping some of the "lost" would have can be discouraging. However during worship the Lord reminded me that if only 1 woman had shown up and that one took in the messages with all her heart...that would be a generation of lives changed!!! I couldn't argue with that one! It ended up being a huge success in the Lord and I believe He was well pleased. Evidence of the "fruit" beginning to bloom like your trees...Can't wait to see your anointed "vessells" tomarrow morning, if you are up to it. You two are such a blessing and an examples of what "true" friends are when they are of the Lord.
Thank you.
Jonah said a prayer for you tonight, he was so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello My Brother-

Yes, the Lord is faithful to complete the work that He has begun in us. In the midst of struggle, He is our Peace, in illness, He is our Healer, in poverty, He is our Provision, in vulnerability, He is our Shield...

'Though him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him IS life, and that life IS the light of men.'

It is my prayer for you, just as it is in springtime, that God's renewal will be made manifest from within and seen for His glory as you continue to be a living testimony. Take pleasure in His creation, even as He takes pleasure in you George.

Yes, even as He takes pleasure in you.

You and your family continue to be in my prayers.