Sunday, March 05, 2006

Overwhelming ...

Overwhelmed. The one word that sums up my Sunday morning. But it didn’t start out that way - bear with me for the next paragraph. Saturday, I was kept pretty busy by Robin and the kids. We got in late and I ate more food than I have since the surgery - including some MEAT! Thank goodness! Robin is trying to pack me full of carrot juice, barley greens and other assorted vegis which is fine, but the man has to have some meat. We got in the bed after 11 pm and I woke up almost every 1 to 1.5 hours to either use the facilities or to stand up and let things re-seat. My insides settle while I am sleeping and I have to stand up or sit up about every hour or two for a few minutes to let them readjust. Between 4 and 5 am was the worst for some reason. God gives me Grace during these times of severe cramping, etc. and I try to use the time to pray for others who I know are recovering / suffering. It is not easy, but there are so many others who are suffering way more than me. There ain't nothing fun about it. Then from around 6 to 7:30 am I fell asleep on a recliner my father-in-law loaned me and had some good sleep. Still wanting for more.
We all got up and had breakfast - carrot juice and Ezekial bread for me - but I was very weak and was questioning whether I sould go to church. I was really feeling funny. But guess what, I had already determined in my heart that I was going to church the day before - regardless of how I felt. Have you ever had to force yourself to do something you wanted to do but didn't feel like doing? It was a struggle, but well worth it let me tell you.
We arrived a little late and worship had started - I hear the music flowing out of the door of the building like a soothing liquid. I was greeted by Coach Doise with a hug (he was also one of the first people to come to my home and pray for me when I had been released from OLOL Hospital the first time). Then brother Truett Thorn greated me with a hug and a church bulliten - and then I got another from Mr. D - then I saw Pete D. - Jerome and Bubba Lee (Harris) - at this point I had lost contol of my tear ducts and I was crying (for joy) and hugged them both. Overwhelmed and out of control at this point. I had to try and regain composure so I could enter the sanctuary - but I kept seeing people that mean so much to me walking in that I continued to lose control. Eventually I made it down the isle (the same one my wife walked down almost 17 years ago) and there was sister Bea - she turned around and hugged me and here it goes again - out of control. Then there was sis. Eileen - from then on I was basically a basket case for the whole worship service. There had been a "Men's discovery Weekend" this weekend and those guys were all over the church. Well here comes Russell, Craig and Buck - the three intercessors from my Men's weekend when I had given my testimony. They pray for me and supported and strengthened me. I needed it too.
Pastor preached on progressive healing - another on the mark message. We had to leave during the alter call cause I was so spent - I mean it was all I could do to keep standing. My parents and Aunt Eva came by on the way in from Houston with the trailer - it is parked by my house for a few weeks in case we need to head back to Houston. We visited for a while.
What can I say - God is so good. Even in the midst of it all, the anchor holds.
Thankyou family, church, friends and thank you Lord.


Anonymous said...

George, I look so forward to these blogs and was thrilled to see that you had your latest up when I checked it early this morning. Thank you for putting your heart out there for us to glean from. It was so awesome to see you and Robin yesterday. I hate that I didn't get to greet you, being on the stage before and after the service, but I just wanted to let you know that the worship team is praying for you. We have a bird's eye view of that front row :^)and you guys BLESS us with your worship to the Lord in the midst of your trials. How GREAT is our God. May He strengthen, heal, encourage and touch you and your family today. We love you. Kayla

Russell said...

George, my brave friend and brother, you are an inspiration to us all. Your presence yesterday added so much to what God is doing at Hosanna. The Spirit is moving and drawing more and more people out of their pews and down to the front to worship our God who is worthy. Thank you for making the extra and sacraficial effort to come to be with us and allow us to love on you and your beautiful family. What a honor to minister to you and Robin as you walk courageously through this trial and season of testing. You both are passing with flying colors. The jewels are adding up for the crown that awaits you one day (not for many years, buddy) so that you will both be able to lay it at His feet as a gift. Wow, be encouraged, enter into His rest today and call me if you want a visit this week... I am more than willing to come over any time along with Buck and Craig or with Jack and Keith...if you wish.
Love in Christ Jesus,

sonja said...

It was so great to visit the two of you yesturday! Thank you for allowing us to stay a while.
This morning I listened to the CD you gave Wil and I last night. Wow! talk about entering into His presence...during that time the Lord's "love" filled my vessell to overflowing and I wept at the "awesomeness" of it! Then this word came forth and I wanted to share it.
"The Spirit of the Lord say's to His people. You are so afraid to love one another, why? Love is my command and I the Lord desire this for my people. Ask me how to love and I will teach you say's the Lord. When you recieve me into your heart my seeds of love begin to grow. Much like a garden. Share with others the goodness I have shared with you. Pour out Songs to one another, lift each other up! Stop judging in your hearts, Stop criticizing! Only I know the true "deepest" intents of the heart. Pour my love out as I pour my love on you say's the Lord your God. Do not be afraid of this love I am giving you! Recieve it! Embrace It! It is not the love of this world but my love say's the Lord. Do as I say and watch me give you great abundant PEACE in the midst say's your God.

He gave me two scriptures:
Mark 12:33 To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.
Ephesians 5:19 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual song. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May those who read this come to know His love, begin to love Him, and in return "pour forth" His love on others "with out fear"!
George and Robin the Love you pour out is obvious!