Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Insurance ...

Were you aware that if you run out of medicine before your next prescription refill that the insurance company will not okay your refill. I ran out of my CREON which is a combination of enzymes for aiding proper digestion 3 days before it was to be refilled. I called the pharmacy and found out the above info. I had to call the Dr. to get him to rewrite another prescription increasing the number of pills per bottle/month. It was an inconvenience but it worked out. For someone who depends upon their medicine for survival - not just digestion - this could be a problem. I missed taking the medicine with breakfast and lunch, but other than feeling full longer than usual and some indigestion, it was okay. Thank God for our system here in the good ole' USA. We got it really good!

Hope everyone is doing well. I saw one of Bryan's old teachers from Hosanna - who no longer works there - and she said her father-in-law and a brother-in-law were diagnosed one with lung cancer and the other with liver cancer - I guess last year. Both were treated at Mary Bird Cancer Center and are doing okay. Have you noticed more people coming down with cancer? Is it just the fact that we are now in our 40's and this stuff just starts happening or is it unusual to have so many cases of cancer? One Dr. told a friend of mine if he could he would tell everyone to move out of Louisiana due to the number of people he was treating for cancer from the State.
We got a little rain on Tuesday but not much. I think we need a good and steady day long rain.

Cancer vs. the other "C" words - Consecrate: 'to declare or set apart as sacred'. When we come to Christ, we delcare that we are set apart unto Him. We are sacred to Him and He is sacred to us - we are His now. Being a creation of God does not infer sonship. We must come to God in repentance and receive Him on His terms and become a child of His. Then we declare His Lordship over our lives and begin the walk of faith. Consecrate is another powerful "C" word we need to remember.
Until tomorrow, may God be on your mind and in your heart wherever you go and in whatever you do.


Anonymous said...

Hi George,
This is Gretchen (from CSU - now working with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation). It is such an inspiration to read your messages. Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you - all of you at CVT who have been fighting such a tremendous battle! I also wanted to let you know that we keep up on you through Angela & Callie Woest, who are our neighbors & close friends. Keep that positive attitude & take care!
Gretchen Figarola

Anonymous said...

Feed on the Rhema Words that have been given to you, whether by your Creator who knows exactly what you need or by someone that loves you and has shared a God-given Word. They are all good but those that "hit the mark" become a part of your spirit and speak life to you.

We continue to pray for you all - even as you go for your CT scan. The path may be long, but NO REPORT CAN NEGATE THE REPORT OF THE LORD!!!! His report is final!!

We love you.