Thursday, March 16, 2006

LSU won ...

1.) LSU (4) played IONA (13) tonight and won 80 to 64 i think - thank God since IONA is ranked 13th and LSU 4th! I only watch basketball occasionally if our local teams are playing.

2.) We finally got a little rain - a little is better than none.

3.) A friend of mine from work (Scott) was off today and he came to visit for a while. We watched a little B-ball, talked about work stuff and of course made at pass by the pond to feed the fish.

4.) My niece is coming in Friday from Tuscaloosa Alabama (Roll Tide) to visit for a day - she is my brothers middle child.

5.) My parents are in for a few days and that is always a blessing. Dad fixes stuff and 'philosophises' and moma cooks, cleans, plays ball with the kids and whatever else you need her to do. They, along with my brothers family were staying here on the property after Katrina and we got used to seeing each other and now it is strange not seeing them every day.

6.) I am now leaning towards rabbits instead of goats - and with the bird flu thing, i may not even get chickens. We'll see.

7.) My wife and kids are super!

Now, on to some other stuff...
Bring what you have to God. How ever little or big you may think it is, God has a way of multiplying things. The little boy with the fish and the loaves (St. John 6:9) probably was not thinking 'hey great, the disciples called me out' - if i were the kid i would have been looking for a bush to hide behind. Or, maybe he was so young he had not even developed a self conscious attitude yet. Who knows, but Jesus took the loaves and the fish, blessed it, they handed it out and after all was said and done there were 12 baskets when they were through.
That reminds me of another song i wrote a while back called "Work with what you've got" it kind of has a blues type sound ...

A little boy with two fish and five loaves of bread
The disciples looked at him like he was out of his head
Jesus blessed the bread and broke the loaves in two
They had twelve baskets when they were through
Everyone was full when they were through
So what you gonna do?
Work with what you've got

What little do i have that i can give to God? Resources, expertise, money, time, cousel, encouragement, talent (singing etc.) and more. I think God wants your heart more than the above list of stuff, because once He has your heart, the other stuff will come. He can and does multiply that which we give - you give an offering and the recipient is blessed, you are blessed and the kingdom moves forward. The person who receives then learns the concept of giving and becomes one who is a giver - and not just a giver of money. This thing is so much bigger than finances. Exponential growth is what i am thinking about - as we all give and do our part, He makes it all work together for His Glory and our good.
In the future, I plan on blogging on the subject of the "C" word (Cancer) and other "C" words that have even more power in our lives. Until then, God be with you, in you and working through you for His good pleasure.


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