Thursday, March 23, 2006

LSU won ....

#4 LSU beat #1 DUKE - who said it could not happen? It was an exciting game.

Beautiful day besides the game just cold and windy.
No fish stories to tell today. Feeling better than the previous few days. Talked to several different people today - friends and family - which i think helped to get me motivated to think on something other than the physical.
Friday early AM i will be visiting someone with a good track record of being used by God in the area of healing. I am looking forward to it as you might have guessed. I'll update the blog as soon as i can concerning whatever goes on.
Lauren is going to Dallas with sister Eileen and some other ladies from HFA for a worship seminar. She is really excited about it. She is practicing her guitar and has written a few songs.
Life is short, but God is so good - all the time.
Please continue to pray for Jill H., Michael H., Christi W. , and little Austin Barber who needs a heart/lung transplant in Houston.
I'll be typing more later. GW

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Bev said...

Hey George! I've been catching up on the blogs and getting blessed! Jack and I are going to try to go see you today so I don't want to write too much but the comment about Lauren going to Dallas caught my eye. I was really excited to see how many people were going, but especially the young people. This is not your average worship seminar she's going to, I assure you. She will come back rearranged...Onething has a habit of doing that. Their base is International House of Prayer w/Mike Bickle in Kansas City and Onething is their young adult (18-25) ministry arm. Their focus in worship is on prophetic (like you've been hearing Joshua, Kayla and Stacie doing), and their messagae centers on friendship w/God, intimacy w/the bridegroom, and endtimes. Our association w/IHOP has rearranged all of us.