Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday night ...

Lots to talk about.
Last night was a 'date night' at hosanna - we watched a very touching movie about a couple who had to deal with the wife's mental decline into dementia/Alzheimer's disease. The real challenge in the movie was the husband and kids having to pull together to make things work and also the husbands battle with juggling work and temptation in the midst of the whole thing. Very good movie. Makes you hope that your vows to your spouse are as strong as those portrayed in the movie. (Factoid - Alzheimer's disease was named after a German neurologist Alois Alzheimer 1864 - 1915.)
My brother, his wife and youngest son came in from N.O. to visit - and they brought some food which included a bunch of deer sausage and spaghetti and meatballs. It is always so good to see them. As soon as i can, i will be riding in their direction.
LSU beat Texas in over time(O.T.). Need i say anything else? Oh, i guess i could say 'Final Four'.
The past two days have been somewhat better physically. Still having some cramping, etc. but energy level and desire to get out and move around was better. My sense of taste has improved a little, i think.
Seeing the nun (Sister Dolce) friday morning was something to look forward to and what she had to say was also an encouragement. She said this disease would not take my life, that i was to intensify my relationship with God (which she said i would have to figure out what that means), return to my roots spiritually and to talk to my Pastor. She also said, while laying hands on me, that she sensed that some cancer was still present but that chemo treatments would take care of it and i would be alright. (For those of you who don't know, 25 of the 35 lymph nodes sampled during the surgery were positive for the presence of some cancer cells according to the surgeon) She was not aware of that fact. I talked to Pastor Don about it and also Russel and Margie following the Friday night couples movie. They had some good words of wisdom.
We cannot walk in fear. The Bible says that fear brings with it torment. So it makes logical sense to walk in love which covers a multitude of sins. When you walk in love, you are free. Free from being judgmental, prejudiced, jealous/envious, hateful or angry - the list of things you are free from when you walk in love could go on and on. No it's not easy to walk in love all the time, but i believe it is easier on the soul to walk in love than to try and walk without love. The kicker is that God is love, so you have to hang around the source and let Him and His character 'rub off' on you so you can go and 'rub off' on those around you. Like the scripture says, we love because He first loved us. Amen.

Here is what i hope will be a regular addition to my site - Cancer vs. the other "C" words.
CANCER - defined basically as malignant cells growing out of control (tumors) and spreading to other organs.
CHRIST - The Messiah, the Anointed One, as foretold by the Prophets in the Old Testament. Jesus.
When someone hears for the first time ' You have Cancer ' - they also need to know there are other "C" words out there that carry just as much and more power as Cancer. Yes, cancer is something that is not to be treated lightly, but neither is Jesus Christ.
Stay tuned for the next exciting "C" word.
Good night and God bless. GW

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sonja said...

Thank you for the encouragement on my own blog George, it is "good" to have brothers like you in the Lord.
The messages seem to just get "deeper". I can't wait to see the "full" picture later of what He, the Lord, has in store for you and Robin. Great works are made in the secret places, like the butterfly!
You two are a blessing to my heart in words I could never really express!
My prayers are constant towards you two!
Isaiah 49:10-11
They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will "guide" them and "lead" them beside "springs of water".
Love you all.