Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another crazy day ...

The A/C went out at our house today, how about at yours? Hope yours is working. Thankfully it is cool outside tonight and we can get some relief like the old timers did - by opening the window! I can remember when I was very young having only an attic fan, not A/C. When the attic fan was on , it would draw the air through the windows. The curtains would be pulled out like a sail by the air coming through the window and the sound would lull me to sleep. I don't know how we made it? I guess we were just used to it. My parents grew up with very little of the luxuries we enjoy today and they came out just fine. They also have a greater appreciation of the things we enjoy, too. The only thing that bothers me is that this unit is only 14 months old.
Anyway ...
Can you believe how Jesus is coming under attack by the media (film and books) around Easter? I guess that's how you make more money since people's interest in things religious is possibly hightened. Jesus has big shoulders and He can handle anything the world can through at Him. I just hope people realize foolishness when they see/hear it.
We watched the "Moses" 2 part movie at the beginning of the week and it was okay - I guess Charlton Hesten spoiled me. The new one just looked like it was "thrown together". I prefer the original version.
How about gas prices? Almost $3.oo per gallon - I saw one today $2.85/gal. I heard one plan was to not buy Exxon or mobile gas which would force them to lower their prices to draw buyers back. This would cause the other competing companies to lower their prices and so forth and so on. Sounds like a strategy to me. The only problem is that I buy Exxon gas all the time. I'll have to think this one over.
Quick joke -A rabbi, priest and a preacher all three walked into a bar together. The bartender looked at them and said, "is this some kind of joke"? Get it?
Seriously ...
Jesus said to keep asking , keep seeking and to keep knocking. So keep on doing what He said. We have so many that need prayer for some really heavy problems, let's keep praying. If you would, please lift up these folks to God for a miracle - Micheal H., Jill H., Austin Barber., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel and my friend Amy's mother Mrs. Douglas.
Cancer is a wicked adversary, but God is still the Author of Life and death. God is not asleep nor is He on vacation. He has not forgotten your last request nor are His ears shut to your present needs. He is generous and giving even when we feel we are the least deserving. He loves to give good things to us and most of all He loves to give us Himself. As any parent knows, there is no greater blessing than for one of their children to come and sit by them for no other reason than just to spend time with them. Our God is good and worthy of all praise. He does all things well.
Remember all He has done for us this Easter week as we celebrate the Resurrection of the Messiah. Enjoy your weekend. GW

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Russell said...

George, I too grew up with attic fans in our home and loved the sound and the breeze... made me sleep good too. Good memories, my friend. Do ya'll need some box fans during the A/C outtage? Let me know. Thanks for the update. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday/weekend with the family. I hope to see you at Hosanna on Sunday. Love in Christ Jesus,