Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday ...

And a good one it is! We have our two, Jonah and the three cousins at the house all day. They keep you young. The cousins spent the night last night and the A/C went out, which I mentioned in a previous post. Well, that's when it pays to have a brother in law who can figure things out and also who has a next door neighbor who is an A/C man with the needed parts on his truck. We got it fixed (yes, I did do something, I passed him the tools) in about an hour. We are now chillin at the house.

Let us not forget the price paid, in addition to Christ, by all of those who have gone before us to prepare a better life for us. How many became martyrs because they wanted others to be able to read the Gospel in their own language? Killed by so called Christians. I was reading through a book about the martys of old and it is amazing the reasons given as to why they were killed. We humans can be incredibly vicious. You would think things like that would be relics of the past but even today Christians are being killed for their faith. Jesus said it would be tough.

If you have not planned on going to Church this Sunday, do it. Get in God's flow.

Have a great friday. GW.

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sonja said...

Happy Easter George,Robin and the kids!
You guys are the best. Thank you for coming over and treating my hand,praying for me and "jumping up" to the plate to help me in my time of need. The wedding was beautiful and those that helped me should be proud! You all had a part as the Lord did it "through" you!
I am thankful to have "awesome" friends like you!