Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Made medical news ...

Tarceva was featured today on channel two news at 5 pm. Silvia Weatherspoon interviewed Dr. G. Miletello about the drug and the positive outcomes that patients are having. Tarceva was initially created for lung cancer and somehow they figured out it was effective on other cancers, too. It was approved 11/2005 by the FDA. Thank God for people who do the hard work of research and development - for without them, people like me would be out in the cold! Or assume room temperature short of a miracle. I take Tarceva (pill) once per day everyday and the Gemzar IV once per week. So far cramping and a mild rash on the sternum and my scalp are the only side effects - and that is all I am expecting. One day, hopefully sooner than later, this type of thing (cancer) will be in the history books just like TB or chicken pox.
How about the rain? I know most people can sleep better when it is raining - and some of those people live in my house. The grass is already looking better and you know all of the little creatures are relieved and revived.
An update on Shellton the snapping turtle who lives in the pond. Bob had about 8 fish he had caught on a 'stringer' which he had laid in the pond at the waters edge. He went to go eat lunch or something and came back in a few hours - he had 1 1/2 fish left on the stringer! Looks like Shellton likes fish, too.
Have you ever put something somewhere so as not to lose it? I seem to have lost my list of the other "C" words. So I will be working off of memory until I find it in that place I put it so I would not lose it.
Here is one "Consider" - Matthew 6:28-30 "and why take you thought for raiment (clothes)? Consider the lillies of the field, how they grow; they do not labor or spin ..... wherefore, if God so clothed the grass of the field , which is here today and tomorrow is cast into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith"?
So, I say unto you my friends, consider the lillies. Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7 are really good to help regain the proper perspective on life.
Please remember to pray for Michael H., Jill H., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel – all battling cancer and/or recovery and little Austin Barber (heart/lung transplant). Thank you.
Here is a good quote I saw on a church reader board, " Faith does not make things easy, just possible."
Go out and be a blessing wherever your day takes you. GW

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sonja said...

I'm not shelton but I like fish too!
Thanks for the word of Truth! I smiled realizing the Lord spoke through you to me! In other word's, He pegged me!
Glad to hear there are not much on the side affects with the treatments.
The Lord ministered to me about Life one day and this is what I wrote:
That means bowing my knee everyday for Him to teach me how! Maybe I should have T-shirts made!
You're an encouragement George! Keep it up!