Monday, April 10, 2006

Robin gets her wish ...

Can anyone guess what Robin has wanted for the past 5 years? She has been begging for, complaining for, hinting at and wishing for a van for 5 years. You know me, not wanting to spend any money much less buy a vehicle. Why do we need to buy another one while the ones we have run okay and are paid for? Well, the wreck in Houston has given us - me - an excuse to move towards getting a newer (used) vehicle. We were looking for a 2004 Toyota Sienna and could not seem to find any, other than a few, but they were all 2005 models which were out of our price range. We had to drive to Hammond to get it but the dealership treated us good and we believe we got a great deal. So when you see Robin sporting her van, make sure she is doing the speed limit, not eating or drinking in it or talking on her cell phone unless at a red light. Then you can call me and I get onto her (haha).
Another beautiful day. We did enjoy the ride over to Hammond. I had Robin drive by the University and the two places I lived off of West Pine street while with Chi Alpha Christian fellowship (XA). One of them is the "Dameron House", it is either the oldest or one of the oldest homes in Hammond. They even have a sign in the front - it must be registered. Let me put it to you this way, you could not have played a game of marbles on the floor of that house. There are alot of great memories there - over 4 years worth.
The last car we bought, Bryan was about 4 months old. I had a video camera and took some footage of Lauren and Price LeBlanc doing the 'dahlin' routine. It was funny. So this time they learned alot about buying a car which I think has convinced them that they do not want to have buy or have to sell cars for a living.
We give God the glory because the one we bought had been on the lot for so long that they were going to send it to another dealership this week. They had reduced the price and finally put it on their Internet site to try and sell it. We found it this morning. Robin was getting nervous about us not being able to get what she was looking for. I told her that if God wants us to have a 2004, we will find a 2004. She called one of Lauren's friend's dad who referred us to a web site which led us to this particular dealership. God gets the credit for not just giving us what we need, but even some of the things we want. Our eyes are not on the fluff and the stuff - just Jesus. Now we just need to use it wisely and to His glory.
Baseball is in full swing now days. The parks are full of kids playing ball. America's favorite past time. It is good for the kids to get out and play team sports and run around. Summer is right around the corner too.

Cancer vs. the other "C" words: Complete (John 17:3 -4 NIV) " Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do." Jesus had many things to do and by His own admission, He completed them. As followers of His, we also have something to do. Not all are as obvious as if written on the wall in plain sight. Not all of them are easy. But never the less, we need to follow Christ's example and complete the work that He gave us to do. In doing so we bring glory to God. Whether you have cancer or not, the problem must not stand in the way of you fulfilling what God has for you to do - we still have to follow Christ. If you do not know what you are to do, just ask Him yourself. He will reveal it to you as you endeaver to follow His will.
Please continue to be in prayer for those mentioned in my previous posts.
Continue being a blessing whever you go. GW

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