Sunday, April 09, 2006

What is the deal?

Have you ever noticed when you buy a new car how you begin seeing the same car everywhere you go? The other cars were already around you, but until you bought one youself you were not as aware. Is it just me since I was diagnosed with cancer or are there alot of people finding out they have cancer? Have any of you noticed this. Is it Louisiana? The petro-chemical industry? If anyone has an answer please let me know.
A friend of mine from college, Amy, e-mailed that her mother was diagnosed with cancer in the lung and brain. She had surgery to remove the brain tumor. A follow-up PET scan revealed cancer in the hip, lung, spine, sternum, right abdomen and groin. She asked for prayer for her mother Mrs. Douglas. Thanks for taking a moment to bring her name before the Father.
Church was great this morning. Pastor preached on having a 'ready mind'. In short, he covered being ready for temptation from the enemy who is always looking for an opportunity to bring down the believer. If he cannot bring you down, he will try to get you to back off of prayer and reading the Word and just drift away. We have to be vigilant. Stay in the Word and prayer. Worship was awesome.
Today was a beautiful day! I hope you all got out and enjoyed the weather at least a little while.
I took my 30 minute walk and really soaked up the surrounding sights and sounds. The Honeysuckle vines are blooming and boy do they smell good. I had to bring Robin some inside so we could enjoy them a little closer to home.
Cancer vs. some other "C" words - Cross: What other symbol is so readily recognized throughout the world as the Christian Cross? But does it represent just another religious symbol to most? Or does it carry in their minds the truth that the Cross is the power of God unto Salvation (of the soul)?
During this Easter season - a time to be reminded of the Resurrection of the One Who died on the Cross - may we hold dear to our hearts the Cross on which our Saviour died, knowing that He hung there for all of us to purchase our pardon. But the good part is that the story does not end there . . .
Please continue to be in prayer for Michael H., JillH., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel - all battling cancer- and little Austen Barber who needs a heart lung transplant.
Go and be a blessing Monday morning. GW

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