Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial day ...

This is just another day for some, but for those who have lost a loved one or friend to the ravages of the necessary evil we call war, it is a day to honor their lives which were given in service to their country. Also, there are many Veterans living today who deserve a big thankyou. If you know any personally, give them a call and touch base. Thank them for their service.
Church was good yesterday. When God moves, sometimes He changes what is going to happen next. This was one of those, thankfully Pastor Don is 'flexibly led' by the Spirit.
My friend from College, Shaun and his wife Melinda, were in town. These two met at our wedding. She was friends with Robin and I with Shaun. Shaun was a big brother in Christ who I can say with out a doubt helped to guide me in my walk with God while in College. He and his wife are the kind of people you hope your kids make friends with when they go to College. They stopped by for a few hours to visit. Alot of catching up in a short time. They now live in Ruston, LA. Peach country. He is a physician with his own practice which is doing well.
Another friend, Stephen and his wife Adrianna, are in from Mexico. He has been serving as a missionary for years since our College days. They have two beautiful kids and are catching up with grandparents and friends for a few months. He and I met in a math class, I saw him reading a small New Testament and the rest is history. It is really a blessing to watch other peoples lives develop over the years.
Then to top it off, my big brother and his family came by on the way to New Orleans from Natchez. Can you believe they would not eat any of my gumbo? They ate on the road, so I let them slide this time. This is the first gumbo I have ever cooked - 41 years old - can you believe it? It was chicken and sausage and all the other good stuff ( all fresh of course) you put in a gumbo. It was a hit. My next gumbo is going to be a seafood gumbo. I think I might prefer a seafood gumbo - we'll have to see - cause I think seafood is more costly than chicken - but then again you can eat on one pot of gumbo for days, including extended family, so I guess it is worth it.
I have to go now and do something productive. I have washed and cleaned so much in the house my fingers are splitting on the ends. So i believe wearing gloves in the secret to stoping that from happening. Cause if I cook, I clean as I go.
God bless you on this day of remembering our Veterans.


kayla said...

Hey George,
It sounds like you guys had a busy Memorial Day. This has been a honey-do day for Keith (and here he is a Veteran! I ought to be ashamed for putting him to work!:^)

Just curious- What is your friend's last name, who is from Ruston. Keith and I grew up in Ruston (Peach country- yeah!!!) and our families still live there. If we left Ruston before your friends moved there, we may not know them, but our parents probably would. Would you know where they go to church? Ruston is still a small town and my Dad knows everybody! If you tell your friends that my dad writes the weekly outdoors sports column for the Ruston Daily Leader they may know who he is. Anyhow...Just curious. Would be a small world if we knew your friends! I love it when that happens!

It was great to see you and your family in church yesterday. Ya'll always bless me!

Hope the rest of your Memorial Day is blessed! I think Keith is finally sitting down! :^) Kayla

Anonymous said...

Hey George!!!!! I've missed you so much, but I think about you everyday. I'm glad to hear you are doing good. I kept going to the wrong website, but I finally found the right one. Karen has been printing the pages for me from time to time so I can keep up with you. Just keep fighting (I know you will). You, Robin, and the kids are always in my prayers.
Love, Liz

FeatherIron said...

Gotten' through the first seaspn of Lost yet? What did you think of that one movie? Not so pretty but makes you think huh?

FeatherIron said...

George, to post a pic on your blog- when you are in
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click on the landscape picture looking thing in the toll bar at the top of your box that you enter your text in.
You will then see an address line and beside it it will say "browse" you click on that and go to where you have your pics
IE-C drive-My pictures,etc..
double Click on the pick you want
and it should then go back to that address line on blogger
it will ask if you want to add another if so do the sme again
after you are done click "upload"
you will also have to choose the size you want.
always preview before you post to make sure it's how you want.

That is blogger leason for the day :-)