Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My advice ...

My advice is this: if you have a computer with anything on the hard drive which you value such as pictures, etc. please back up your data onto a disk. Our PC's hard drive, we think, is shot. Robin's brother is going to try and salvage whatever he can, so the jury is out as to whether we lost all or part. We were going to put everything onto CD/DVD's after school was out - so don't wait, do it ASAP. You never know. It pays to be prepared. Thankfully, a friend has loaned me his lap top so I can continue blogging. Another bit of advice is to buy some short term disability if you do not have any - especially if you are the main bread winner. The funny duck on TV is a good company to go with. It could come in handy.
School is winding down this week. I am looking forward to the Summer more than ever. Hopefully it will be a fun and interesting one for the kids. The pool is now open and their pawpaw has almost finished the deck - that means they can jump off of the deck, but no diving head first of course. The mosquitoes are horrible! Especially by the woods. They almost carried me off earlier today as I was working on the A/C. It is working again and the problem appears to be cheap parts. Apparently all of the manufacturers are using this same switch, so , what's a guy to do? At least it is working now and moma is happy.
The rent house is now rented, praise God. In just 4 days! The people moving in are believers and have alot they would like to do as far as improvements to the house. I'm all for that.
I have picked a few big blueberries off of the new bushes. This year will be slim but in the years to come there will be more than enough. The figs are on their way, too. One of the new varieties planted is the LSU Purple. I am eager to taste this new one. The LSU Gold is the biggest fig I have ever seen - big and juicy - but it lacks the same flavor as the Celeste fig, which is my all time favorite for fresh eating or canning. Figs have been eaten since Old Testament days, so I feel a connection with the past knowing that someone thousands of years ago tasted of the same fruit that I am eating and cultivating. It is neat.
The medical front is doing okay. The rash is trying to make a come back, so I am doing what they told me to do to keep it down. Trying to moderate my activity level. Cannot get out in the sun, which is hard to do. Woke up with a sore throat this morning, but it went away by lunch.
The most exciting thing I did today was shooting a 5 ft snake in the yard. I do not like killing things in their environment, but my dog almost was bitten, so of course had to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. It is amazing what a 12 gauge can do when pointed in the right direction. I had ear plugs in and safety glasses on - got to be prepared. What is it about a snake that gives you a jolt? I got a jolt.
God is Wonderful and He does all things well. He has kept His hand on us throughout this whole thing and we praise His name. Hope you all are having a great week. GW

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FeatherIron said...

George, I couldn't be in the sun, had a sore throat and couldn't drink wine for 5 days after my surgery! Nothing like the boat you are in but I was relating :-0

Poo Kenny, did he pee on himself when he say the snake?

At work we have a thing that backs up automaticly each night so that if your hard drive crashes it will be on that thing, ask Randy about one of those.