Saturday, May 20, 2006

Of Ants and Aphids ...

I noticed an interesting thing in the yard today. I have read about ants 'farming' aphids on fruit and vegetable plants but have never seen it in person. The new growth on fruit trees are usually the first place you will find sap sucking insects. So, I noticed this morning little black ants placing and guarding 'herds' of aphids on one shoot of new growth. The aphids were thick as thieves on the leaves just doing their thing - those suckers! I sprayed them with an insecticidal soap combo. Less toxic than the other sprays. I really hated to bust up the little ranch, but hey, it was my tree first.
The last two days have been fairly crampy - hint, hint. I guess it is the meds. It makes one appreciate normality, as I have said before. And it can certainly increase your prayer life. I have gained weight - almost 160 lbs. 159 to be exact on the Dr.'s scale.
Robin bought the 1st season of 'LOST' - the series guaranteed to do just that - keep you lost! They should have named it played - cause after you watch it and realize there is no resolution you feel like you have been played. So, I am suffering through some of that. It does, however, have some deeper themes woven throughout of forgiveness and second chances and overcoming our petty differences in order to survive. The scenery is quite beautiful, however. Ever since Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe), I have been prone to want to watch any movie involving and Island. Of course, you cannot forget Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' with his favorite volley ball named 'Wilson'.
Our daughter babysat a friend's little boy today. You forget what it was like to have a little one running around the house. Our son went swimming with his cousins today and they had a time. They love the fact that their pawpaw has a deck in place so they can jump off of it into the pool. All we need is some fresh, iced down lemonade and it is summer time!
We have learned that it might cost several hundred dollars to get the data off of the hard drive. Wow, that could be some expensive pictures. By the way, have you started backing up your data routinely? Please do.

Thankyou for the phonecalls, e-mails, hand written letters and hugs. You all make it so much easier. I am blessed. God is so good.
Be in church somewhere tomorrow, if you do not have a home church, come visit Hosanna. Located at Goodwood and Airline Hwy. Services start at 10:15 am. Children's Church and child care provided. We would love to see you there - just tell them George sent you.

P.S. I just wanted to ask everyone to keep Amy Douglas Russell in your prayers. I just found out her mom passed away as a result of cancer. For those of you who know her, the arrangements will be at Harry McKneely in Hammond. The wake is Sunday from 6-9. The funeral will be Monday at 1:00 for anyone who can make it.


Zechariah said...

yeah i had to do chem warfare against thousands of ants in my old apartment. It happened every month or so, and I was forced to spray the heck out of the wall with bleach cleaner. I tell you, ants & roaches will grow immune to RAID, but they will NEVER grow immune to good ol' bleach! The only drawback was i usually had to sleep somewhere else that night.

Praise God for the day off work so I can be at church! Catch you there!

Stacie said...

George, I hope you haven't gained 159 pounds, to be exact. That may be a little much!!!! : 0

FeatherIron said...

George, seriously, Lost is the ONLY TV Dean and I don't miss. You know I'm on the anti-tv band wagon almost as much as you but Lost is just great entertainment. Bear with it to the end, get what you can of this season and you will be as hooked as I am. There will be an end one day.
Have you wateched any of this year? The best episonde is the one about the charactor "Echo" and his back story. He is new this year but if any one has them recoreded for you, watch that one for sure!
Ya'll try to come to Steele's b-day party next Friday evening, 6:30 pm at the park my my house.