Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay, okay .....

Warning, medical potty talk ahead ...
Okay, okay, I repent. I will never say another thing about women and the cramping many experience during their time of the month. I understand what I have had all day today is a little different, but cramping is cramping. Man, can somebody give me a break. I'm putting in a work order for an easy day tomorrow. Didn't sleep much last night again, used the time to pray and read. Got an early start this morning. Took my pills, had a good breakfast and decided to vacuum most of the house and put up four window blinds. Then around 11 a.m. the cramp monster stopped by and made himself at home. I had two days without a bowel movement, so I had to follow the laxative protocol to get things moving. This may be to much information (TMI) for some of you, but I have always been a twice a day kind of guy, so this 'nothing in two days' concerned me. Things like bowel obstructions can happen post-operatively, so this is serious business.
My weight was at 149 lbs. today. The rash does not appear to be progressing and in some places looks to be clearing up. The head still itches. I had some 'bone pain' last night, which is related to the Neupogen shot. It was strange - feels almost like a real bad muscle strain. But it has for the most part stopped today.

My parents are still here and they are a blessing. My mom is cooking and cleaning like a trojan and won't let me tell her any different. My dad either does the project or helps to supervise. He helps to keep me motivated to do the things I can and stay away from those that I should not.
I am so thankful they can be around to spend time together and to help out.

All of the trees Randy, Keith and Bill put out a few weeks ago are doing great. Since the heavy rain we had a few days ago, everything in the yard has perked up. Some of the trees already have little figs and of course the citrus had fruit before it was planted.

Hosanna 1st and Pastor Don , thank you, thank you, thank you. God has used you all to bless us in so many ways. We are very grateful for all you have done. Jesus said give and it shall be given to you. May God bless each of you abundantly.

"Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life." (Jude 21)
Have a wonderul day and be a blessing. George.

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Danny and Judith said...

Hang in there, Bro. George. You're in our thoughts and prayers, and God has His eye on you!!