Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rain, rain, go away ....

Byran's party was a success, since it didn't rain. I'm thankful for his sake, he was so looking forward to this weekend. We did hear some thunder about 15 minutes before it started, but it passed. Time flies by. I can remember lying on the couch in the living room with his little self on my chest - about 22 inches long - if he was to do that now, I wouldn't be able to breath! The Bible says that children are a blessing and a heritage from the Lord (Ps. 127:3.) I am blessed, more than I ever imagined I would ever be.
Keith brought JoJo by and stayed throughout the party and visited with me since I couldn't get around the kids. I still wore my mask just in case. We walked out in the back to see the trees he helped plant. I am indebted to Keith, The Ice Man and my brother in law Randy for getting all of those trees in the ground. They are doing well. I got a great shot today of a dragon fly perched on the end a peach tree branch. He flew off and came back twice. The third time I saw him a few trees down with a large winged ant in his mouth. It looked like he might have bit off a little more than he can chew. And God made this Creation we all enjoy. One day I am going to figure out how to put pictures on this site and I will be sure to show case this big boy.
The bone pain thing is really a pain. I had another Neupogen shot at 9:20 a.m. After lunch, it hit with a constant and merciless, indefatigable vengence. Positioning does not help. It is very painful and difficult to walk. It has worn me down, I must confess, and I finally had to pull out the big guns to take the edge off at around 9 pm. I really do not advocate narcotics unless it is very necessary. This is one of those cases. Plus, Robin would probably hit me over the head with an anvil to put me out of my misery since I frequently 'holler' (country term for yelling loudly) when the pain hits.
Check out this scripture in Psalms 6. I have been reading the Psalm which matches the calendar date. Today is the 6th, so I'm reading Ps. 6 and verse two says,
"Have mercy upon me,
O Lord; for I am weak:
O Lord, heal me;
for my bones are vexed."
Is that cool or what? I'm sure that is just a coincidence (yeah right, ha ha) God is in control.

Please remember to pray for Michael H., Jill H., Christi W., Lloyd Kogel – all battling cancer and/or recovery and little Austin Barber (heart/lung transplant).
Also, Robin’s cousin had a small bowel transplant around August 2005 which was a success. She has been dealing with this health problem for about 7 years - in and out of the hospital multiple times every year with many of those times hearing the words ' we don't know if she is going to make it.' She has had many surgeries until the only other option was a small bowel transplant (which is a fairly new thing) at a specialty hospital in Nebraska or die. A few weeks ago she had to be flown back to Nebraska for a possible obstruction. Her name is Barbara and her husband is Don
. They are Christians who have been giving glory to God through it all. They have both been through the fire. Thanks.

Proverbs 25:4, "Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer (jeweler)." It is no fun in the furnace, but in some cases the only way to be used by God is by having been tried by fire.
Hopefully I'll be in better condition tomorrow so I can go to church. God Bless. GW


sonja said...

Happy to see you after church George and chat with you and Robin a little. Robin, again "Happy Birthday"!!!! Hope you have an awesome day with George and the kids. You deserve it!!!!
Again, just want to say what an inspiration it is George to see you "smile" inspite of it all. Truly a witness!
Thank you for "taking time" to talk in the driveway when all I really wanted to do was avoid fellowship and run home!
You two have an awesome day and week in the Lord!!!!


Anonymous said...

Robin, we don't have your email address handy, so we're posting a Happy Birthday message here. Hope you had a good'un, and enjoy what's left of it!

The Clydes