Monday, May 08, 2006

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Some people asked for our e-mail address.
Our e-mail address is please, no spam. If you do send us spam, your hair will begin to look like Don King's hair (Mike Tyson's agent).

Robin's birhtday was fairly quiet. She turned _ _ years old. I bought her a 1 carat emerald cut diamond necklace with 1/3 carat matching ear rings along with a shopping spree at Talbots and a 7 day cruise in the Bahamas. (pause for effect) Yeah, right, just kidding. I know, that was cruel to say. She would rather eat out at Sullivan's probably. She did cook supper and her parents came over to eat with us. We sang happy birthday and I tried to push as many button's as I could to aggrivate her. I came close to getting assaulted but she maintained her cool.
This is going to be a good week. I'll pick-up several prescriptions today, one of which is supposed to help me gain weight. Thank God for good insurance. Friday after blood work I will know the status of my white blood cell count and whether or not I can do the Gemzar.

Church was good yesterday. I forgot my mask after all of these safety precautions I am taking. So I scooted to the balcony real quick and enjoyed some good worship and word.
Today is going well so far. I slept good last night with a few wake ups. This morning I've been running the house (the dish/clothes washer, dryer etc.) because as you know, I am the master of my domain. The bone pain has subsided except for the center of the lower back which I think is really just strained back muscles from the spasms. Putting a hot pad at night is all that needs. The rash is much better. These things come and go. The waiting does get tiresome, but like I said before, this thing is just as much spiritual/mental as it is physical. The Lord is a constant help in both areas as are my family and friends.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Go and be a blessing. GW

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FeatherIron said...

Robin's b-day went by unannounced?!! Now that you have a blog George, you have to give people like me a heads up on that kind of stuff! Tell her I love her and wish her a great year!
Nothing compared to you but I have been on steroids a few times for sinus and everytime I get real bad legg aches. I have to take something for it it gets so bad. Ashely Thames said Logan got it real real bad when he was on Chemo and the 'roids.
Mrs. Gladys needs to do a fasting blood sugar with clean hands. It should never be over 150, even after eating but I have heard of it being that. She should track it, fasting, before and after eating for a day or two, see how it looks. If she has a fasting morning blood sugar of over 130 she needs to call a doctor for sure.
I could so see you agrevating Robin while I was reading that post, you are a mess George ;-)