Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy day ...

The heat is on. Could we get some rain sometime soon? We are, I believe, at a near all time low for rainfall amounts according to the weatherman. Let's just be sure to pray for a slow steady rain, no flooding or Hurricanes.
Today was a busy one for us. I watered everything early this am as usual before the sun gets up from behind the trees. Cooked pancakes ( from scratch) for the kids and their cousins and Robin delivered the protein in the form of scrambled eggs. It was a hit. After that we cleaned up the kitchen and I sat with the kids for a bit. I got fatigued so I laid down a while. Then headed to the rent house to write down everthing to be done before the next tenant moves in - at this point it was time to hibernate in the A/C. This is more than I usually do, but thankfully I did not have any cramping until closer to midnight. Usually it hits around 9:30 am most days - that is why I try to do whatever needs doing early.
The slab I wrote about in an early post this week now has a building on it - can you believe how fast they can put up a metal building? The woods are now in a long pile next door - behind my house. It sure does let in a lot of light now. Construction and destruction.
My computer hard drive was taken care of by a friend - thankyou so much. The pictures are safe at this point and we are backing everything up onto CD's. If you have valuable info on your PC, learn how to back it up.
I ran into Wardel Jones and his wife at a basketball game tonight (a gym with A/C)- we have not seen each other in about 7 or 8 years! It is amazing how his kids have grown. They are all doing well.
I have been reading through a 31 days of healing book given to me by Robin's aunt. It stresses how we are to believe God for things that are, at this point, not seen. Sickness and affliction are scary stuff. You have to trust God or else you would be in such a state of depression and without hope. I do not know how some people make it through stuff like this without Jesus. Who do they turn to? Hopefully most wake up and get there relationship with God straight before it is too late.
Speaking of late, it is 12:30 am Friday, I have to get some shut eye before chemo tomorrow.
Have the best Friday you have ever had! God Bless -George

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