Friday, June 16, 2006

Chemo-soby #8

Chemo today. This is the 8th IV treatment. I must confess that I really was not in the frame of mind - or I should say I was not in the 'mood' for multiple needles and side affects. But Psalm 16 helped me get my mind 'adjusted'. Todays reading was Ps 16. Specifically, verse 8 says,
"I have set the Lord continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. "
I was shaken alright - after 3 tries with the IV needle - and for some reason these hurt more than usual, I was feeling somewhat traumatized. No kidding. Even though I go through this every week, I still have to get mentally prepared. It is getting old and predictable. But I know it is for my good, so I told the Dr. whatever it takes to win, let's do it. This scripture in Psalms 16 was timely and accurate for me. You know, a 'coincidence'. HaHa. God's got my number, and yours, too. During treatment I stretched out in the recliner and went to sleep. I've never done that before. The nurse came to me to make sure everything was okay since I always stay alert and talk to my fellow treatment buddies. This time I shut down for a while and napped. It was soon over and I headed home.
I also had to get a red blood cell shot today and 3 shots for white blood cell count next week, Sun, Mon. and Tues. But the good news is my platelets are in a good range according to the Dr. . He okayed some vitamins for me and another product that is touted as an immune system builder. I also stopped by Our Daily Bread store to get what I have been told is the best carrots for juicing in town. (10 lbs. worth).
Thursday was a pretty good day symptom wise. Today started out good, but as with the roller coaster, I felt like we crested at the top of that hill - you know the one that after you cross it, it makes you scream all the way down. I have never liked roller coasters. This to shall pass.
We got some rain all over the place around lunch - finally - but just no long enough.
My nephew is in for a day to visit from N.O. He is going to the games to watch the kids. I don't do the hot games - I can't handle the heat for too long. The kids understand.
My father-in-laws building is finished roof and all. That was fast! and is looks great.
I got my car back from the mechanic on the way to the treatment. A/C is fixed, timing belt, power steering and a few other minor hose changes, etc. - it is almost a new car - except for the 130,000 miles on the odometer. We should get another 100 K out of it at least.
Our cousin Barbara was admitted to OLOL for - for a lack of better wording - dehydration. She has to consume about 1/2 gallon of this salty type liquid everyday to survive. She also has difficult with absorbing the nutrition she is taking in. I think she is only going to be in the hospital a few days. Please pray for Barbara and her husband Don. Great people with a great attitude. They have been fighting this battle for about 7 years now. Real troopers who give god the Glory.
Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless. George

P.S. Father's Day is Sunday June 18th !!!
P.S.S. We are considering getting Dish Network vs. DirectTV - does anyone have any input as to which is better/worse. Any bad/good experiences with either company???? Drpo me a quick note.


sonja said...

"And he shall the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain."
2Samuel 23:4

Sheep thrive best in pastures so low and short that other animals are not able to eat it. The good Shepherd leads His flock in pastures where the "tender grass," springing up from the earth after the rain, brings to them all-sufficient nourishment as they feed on Him. Oh, ye who are partakers of the Devine nature, open now the Book of books, and humbly kneeling feed on Him who is the Living Word, "The Tender Grass," which SATISFIES and BUILDS UP His hungry sheep.

Glad to hear you are continually "feeding" on the Lord's word. Strength for the bones.

Still lifting you UP daily for healing in your body and the Lord's will to be done in your family! Let Robin know I have been praying "extra" for her this week, not sure why, guess it's just the Lord.

In His "grace"....

Russell said...

My heart goes out to you, dear brother, considering all the sticking and pricking that they are doing to your body. Bummer! By now you must feel like they think you are a pin cushion... sorry, buddy, that you have to go through all of this stuff and pain. God will sustain you no doubt yet your road is quite challenging and the bumps are many. Stay the course as a great crown awaits as you are an overcomer! I wish I could stop the pain for you so much. Love ya'

Russell said...

Hey, George: I forgot to mention that I am coming over to visit you this coming week, so you better get ready... What days are you going to be home and not having treatments? Hmmmmmm?